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And near the Throne was the Pi I Piper who sat amongst the twenty four elders…the male and female Cannabis plants of each monthly cycle…with crowns of green, gold and red and he measured New Jah with the Golden Reed and watched the River of Paradise flow from the Throne with the Tree of Life on both sides of the River and the Tree of Life produced the twelve manners of fruit each month as it was written and the twelve manners or ways were:

And there were the precious crystals of cannabinoids of the Cannabis plant glittering from the crowns of green, gold and red to use as the consecrated Cannabis sacrament and incense.

And there were the seeds that were ground into flour and sun-baked into the unleavened manna and sprouted for the green salads.

And there were the resins and oils to burn in the lamps.

And there were the ropes made from the fiber.

And there were the canvases made from the fiber for the tents and materials of commerce.

And there were the papers made from the fibers for the writers.

And there were the teas for the hot drink and mixed with the milk and honey.

And there were the fine oils made from the pressed seeds for the cooking and eating.

And there were the stems, stalks and hemp hurds from the plant used for fire, cooking and heating.

And there were the seeds, leaves and blossoms used as animal feed.

And there were medicines made from the whole plant and roots to cure all illnesses.

And there were the clothes woven from the finer fibers.

And Moses and the Twelve Tribes followed the cloud by day and the pillar of light by night, looking from the Land of I AM for forty years, using the twelve manners of fruit from the Tree of Life for a complete, healthy life; freely coming from one plant from the Gardens of Eden.

And when the twelve manners of fruit from the Tree of Life were known, the Pi I Piper took the Golden Reed and stood next to the Throne and much Cannabis was given to him that he should offer it with prayers and praise to the I AM ANOINTED on the Golden Altar which was before the Throne. And the Pi I Piper took the Golden Reed and filled it with Cannabis sacrament and fire from the altar and from the midst of the Throne and Holy Smoke an Angel I AM gave to him a small book in his Right hand and said: Apollion…Apollion…aren’t you also known as Abaddon…Take this small book and open the seals and sing the Songs of Righteousness and Freedom, for from you the Truth must be revealed. And the Piper took the book and loosened the seals and the Songs and Dances of Righteousness and Freedom were for those who had an ear and could hear and for those that were blind and now could see. And the Almighty Spirit of the I AM ANOINTED returned to the Children of Jah in all the Lands of the I AM…still to this day…Love.


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