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For as long as the last Adam and Eve lived out of the Gardens, the first Adam and Eve dwelt harmoniously in Eden and then some. And the first cared not for the wise of creation, the last number or the last length of infinity, living happily without the wise and they were content in their mind.

Now when the last Adam and Eve sought after the Tree of Knowledge, they found there were always two…good or bad, hot or cold, light or dark, wet or dry, male or female. And when they had all these wise no longer were they comfortable in the Gardens of Eden, nor did they eat from the Tree of Life, namely the Cannabis Burning Bush. So without haste their guilt and knowledge shamed them and they were covered and cast out of Eden. And at every gate to the Gardens was placed on a cherub, a flaming two-edged sword which turned and burned every way, to keep the ways of the Tree of Life inside the Gardens. So whoever left Eden must pass back through the flaming two-edged sword to get back inside the gates.

And the children brought forth from the last Adam and Eve’s loins were philosophers and theorist…to give cause and blame for their ignorance of the I AM spirit and consecrated cannabis communion. And everything that happened concerning mankind, they taught and learned on their road to Babylon. And yet today, you still hear the clown of crowds crying for Eden from the Tower of Babylon.


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