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…a word is a flower in bloom

…abject poverty and absolute forgiveness…the essences that sit on the extremities of Christendom still serve the poor, weak and meek, homeless, innocent, falsely accused and all the lonely people

…dogma can’t trump the I AM

…What!!!... cried the three frogs… no preach’n, no politic’n, no peddle’n?

…creation’s perfections…the force

…Christ, cannabis, coffee and cayenne…the crutch of the I AM

…whatever call the creature creates to call the Creator is correct

…the essence of Jesus Christ is be’n the I AM ANOINTED…ja sus crist…I-B-B’n

…in the long shadows of hate lurks a tragedy

…equality is gratitude’s highest form of acceptance and forgiveness

…cannabis…the robber of idols

…give 100% to the perfection of creation

…if you are strong enough to escape the bounds of the book the power is yours…but the books are important

…man’s I AM relation with the perfection of creation creates the I AM spirit in the creature of the creator’s creation

…fitness and forgiveness…some of life’s treasures

…from the past comes judgment to the heart and slander to the saliva

…since mankind left Eden’s Gardens…corrections and redirections have been the life

…the sizzling bliss of the moment…life’s inclusive observations

…one’s perceived forgiveness is given up when one sits/sets in judgment of others, any and every time

…inside the cloud of the burnt cannabis sacrament exists a spirit that talks to the I AM

…don’t fall into the jealousy and judgmental jinx

…the twentieth century fox done turned into the twenty first century ox

…buy the package and get the wrap

…faith and beliefs are made by one to fulfill one’s relation to creation

…the past must dissolve and disappear to find the true enlightenment of Jesus Christ

…casual tie casualties turn triumph into tragedy

…seven to the seventh power is a lot of forgiving

…women are bishops of truth, love and life…men are bishops of hate, lies and death

…recognize the I AM inclusion of creation…today, tomorrow and the next day

…in the realm of Jesus Christ the past doesn’t exist.

…no walls, no steps, no paths, no books, no cloaks, no hats…just I AM

…a forty year strand of hemp hung him…when the book of love’s bounds was opened a mandate and doctrine were provided along with the hat and cloak, the ark was figured, the gardens were painted, the bush burned and the I AM talked but the flaming two edged sword turned away from those who made a mockery out of the sanctity of the consecrated cannabis and still…to this day guards those inside the gates.

…the creature-Creator relationship cuts out the middlemen

…cannabis…the comfortable justifier of the generations arcs the ages

…prophets arise to repair the damages from the past’s pushers of dogma, scriptures and ideologies

…the I AM must accept the what is of the moment…I AM…the live jive

…in the I AM first person present relationship with the Creator, the they and then doesn’t exist

…why did Jesus Christ tell the masses not to spread the I AM of the new wine to the peoples of Asia?...because they had been using cannabis for centuries in the religion and faith, understanding the feeling of the spirit within but creating differing beliefs, i.e. Buddhism, Taoism, Hindu Kush…worshipping idols, images and ghosts…having the same feelings from the use of cannabis that manifests within all who partake in the practice…the I AM SPIRIT in the cloud of cannabis burnt with fire has no place, face, age, color or sex but it appears to those who seek the sweet smoke of the Piper. You don’t need faith when you consume the burnt cannabis sacrament because it offers a reality in a nanosecond…and you know it. The Jinni’s I AM manifests when you rub the lamp…the three wishes…wisdom, knowledge and understanding

…Christ had the realm of Abraham and the regional conscientiousness…Buddha had the realm of Shiva and the regional conscientiousness… but they both evolved in the midst of the Tree of Enlightenment

…remember…religion was a blank and didn’t start until after man could talk…so it’s still all talk whatever the words stuck in the blanks.

…the temple of the I AM…today, tomorrow and the next day…the three day rise

…when you play with a deck of discards you can still get a winning hand

…check-check…the what is and the I AM keep each other in check…I AM needs no name

…when I look at the Buddha I AM the comprehensive peace, hope and joy that all the gazers have wished, enjoyed and felt throughout the ages

…water…the drink of the Creator, the creation and all the creatures

…live life like it is your first day in your attained Enlightenment

…sometimes man’s music and the message are repulsive to the Whistler of the Wind

…Moses knew there would always be this unanswerable question…Who created the Creator of creation? So he wrote in the book about the Tree of Life…where everything of creation was to be accepted as itself and the Tree of Knowledge…where everything had to be questioned with the who, what, where, when and how routine

…Enlightenment’s secret is always within…can’t be explained or portrayed accurately, lost, stolen or traded honestly or otherwise

…you have to be able to express yourself about Jesus Christ…I AM ANOINTED… in a non-religious manner because teachings from past dogma and ideology have brought about the injustices and inequalities that are widespread and ongoing…perpetuated by the all the religions…still to this day

…don’t forget the words of the wizard and white rabbit…without you and your mind there is nothing

…the curse…a drug curse has been cast upon the nations and peoples of the earth because the leaders have continually refused to give credence to the use of cannabis as a medium to arc and connect the conscientiousness of the generations past, present and future. Without that knowledge the other drugs…i.e. alcohol, pharmaceuticals and raw processed have arisen in humanity because of the unfulfilled desire to have a connection to the Creator of creation…reveal the revelation to cure the curse

…faith forms in the mind until it foams out of the mouth as prejudice and blasphemy…keep it, it’s yours

…being a part of the picture is from the Tree of Life…being a piece of the puzzle is from the Tree of Knowledge

…I AM…but none of them was the reply when Jesus Christ was asked who he was…ja sus crist

…Heaven’s concept can be conceived but not guaranteed…so…on earth as in Heaven

…the change is always within…recognize and do or else the change could pass you by

…dogma’s death takes away from the magic of the moment

…wine and wafers…empty echoes from the Eucharist

…cannabis and cannabis manna…the sanctity of the spirit…unblemished, unspoiled, uncompromised

…human nature is to replenish, recharge, replace and reproduce. Divinity’s nature is forgiveness

…the spirit in the cannabis sacrament is the unblemished leader of the enlightened Jesus Christ

…faith is based and biased on the reward and retribution from the past into the future whereas the I AM is first person present only concerning now

…they all came to the call of equality…the consecrated cannabis cannibals…rich, poor, high and low

…take this cup as often as you wish in the name…ja sus crist…I AM ANOINTED was how Jesus Christ revived the sanctity of the consecrated cannabis sacrament…as he passed the sopped cup…take this manna…it is my body

…the Nazareth Chuckle is what they gave Jesus on his way to humiliation, persecution and crucifixion, so don’t expect much from your past…strangers won’t judge you but your family, friends and country will

…the Creator doesn’t need a name and creation doesn’t need to be explained or rediscovered…only mankind’s obsessed possessiveness to the Tree of Knowledge and wanting to know and control instead of acceptance creates the divisions and judgments, inferiority complexes, envy, jealousy and war

…Moses was a great creative writer…Oscar and Pulitzer Prize for sure

…don’t make a mockery out of the sanctity of the consecrated burnt cannabis

…life is in the head…not the hut

…the look in the book will lead you away from the Gardens of Eden so look in the midst of the Burning Bush to lead you back through the gates and the flaming two-edged sword of the I AM

…Lot…tell your wife…the misery of the past is in your mind…don’t look back or the rewards are yours

…magnified misinformation and manipulation misleads the multitude of the masses…the Nicaea Nod

…unblemished and uncompromised, pure and kind, unchanged and unwearied, always with those who seek the spirit in the Tree of Life, the Plant of Renown, the Burning Bush, the Tree of Enlightenment, the New Wine; the Mother of Prophets has given birth to the I AM in every generation of the Keepers of the Tree…the Jin, the Jah, The Jai…the flaming two-edged sword still turns every way to show those who seek the way back into Eden…but burns and slashes as it turns away and destroys all those who make a mockery out of the sanctity of the consecrated cannabis communion

…through the generations of mankind, civilizations and governments have come and gone but the land and children have seen them all to survive until this day…protect the children…protect the land…the two most important issues of mankind.

…every story is an allegory so go figure the ambiguity

…the universe and all the creation is perfect…only on earth is there struggle…why?

…the face of the I AM has no paint from the past

…to understand there are many ways to enlightenment is the start of enlightenment

…food, phones and fairy tales give rise to obesity, introversion and confusion…Babylon’s catch and call

…the ministry of Jesus Christ has to be completely intangible…no gold, no silver, no cash, no diamonds, no assets, no book, no cloak, no way, no building, no car, no house…just ash from the burnt cannabis

…the earth is big and creation is perfect…so why wait when you can have eternal life now?

…the tease and threat of heaven and hell is religion’s forte

…Jesus Christ’s constant challenge…forgiveness and equality

…being brings forth I AM…same as the creation’s Creator

…it’s a religion keeping religion from your children…let them choose and decide when they understand

…because religion is based on the past it has nothing to do with life, living or love of the I AM

…non-judgment and forgiveness allows continuum in one’s perceived Heaven, Nirvana, Shangri-La, Krishna, etc…I AM allows discovery

…Peter was one of the first to follow and one of the first to deny…hear that rooster crow?

…the face of salvation is always for you only

…a blinded eye and open mind along with a harnessed tongue and helping hand will take you closer to enlightenment than any book or wearer of costumes, cloaks and hats

…the rise of Jesus Christ from the first death is a living rise from your past ways…don’t look back…Lot

…maybe religion should be channeled to reveal to the younger generations the ways to have a sole relationship with their Creator, not influenced in any way except to explain how the journey is for one and only one, always based on the moment of the I AM in creation and not of dogma from the past and that enlightenment will always be within to realize and understand…Enlightenment is always an active verb…never a passive noun… the same as the name given to the Creator of creation

…enlightenment…understanding the many ways to relate and indulge with the Creator of creation

…delve and dive into the depths of being the I AM

…the mighty I AM’s continuance allows immediate Passover and resurrection from the your past

…to find the Creator without a trace, place or name…enlightenment of the I AM

…mystical magnifications come into view with cannabis corrections

…in the short term, burnt cannabis creates the I AM spirit of the man and in the long term the burnt cannabis creates the realm of the I AM spirit of a mellow man

…non judgment and forgiveness…tacit love

…to live and let live, understand and appreciate the life of the I AM and self-discovery. Get acquainted with the anointed and arc the generations…live now

…doomsday desires to delve in the past destroy the moment and puts doubt in the day’s day

…JSC…ja sus crist…Jesus Christ…the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY…is telepathic…the spirit that enters the body from the burnt cannabis sacrament has entered the bodies from the generations of the past and will enter the bodies of the future…the true ark of the known covenant

…the journey of the I and I…your resurrected mind and the feel of the I AM forever

…everyone must be the founder of their ministry…or else it is someone else’s…foreign and far away

…what mind is close to the Creator of creation? A mind filled with Babylon’s clutter or a mind concerned with nature’s providence?...Don’t be three frog’n…preach’n, politic’n or peddle’n

…Jesus Christ’s story was always about forgiveness and resurrection from the past and living in the I AM…the anointment allows relations with the generations…the moment of the true I AM is perfection…JSC says come now…leave your past behind…the first rule of the I AM…never go back or else…once again you will be out looking in

…just because the times are contemporary doesn’t mean the spirit of the mind will be contemporary

…the temple was cluttered with the sin and forgiveness seekers, offering the sin offerings according to the law. The sin offerings were accepted on one side of the temple; on an adjoining side, the animals that had been offered as atonement were slaughtered according to law: on an adjacent side is where the meat that had been slaughtered according to law was sold and on the other side of the temple is where the money changers changed the foreign money…no longer was the burnt cannabis sacrament offered in the temple but the locals from far and wide still participated in the burning bush sacrament, some dressed in sackcloth of hemp and sipped from the sopped cup…the new wine…for the spirit in the cannabis is a desirous spirit, seeking and giving freely to the anointed the same spirit that had been sought throughout the generations. Jesus Christ offered the same spirit of the I AM as Moses offered the spirit of the I AM in the wilderness. The stockyards that held the sacrifices waiting to be slaughtered extended beyond eyesight and JSC sadly said…The Creator needs no more sacrifices…just stop sinning…you are already forgiven…but the authorities didn’t want to hear that philosophy because the sin offering is how they made their money to perpetuate the ongoing, never ending enterprise…still to this day…Gimme your money and we will bid your way…same old story same old song…but the flaming two-edged sword still guards the gates obediently and vigilantly

…the Kali Kaffee Klatch…come together to enjoy cannabis and coffee and the I AM chat

…your presence, praise and patience is always a great gift

…if it comes from a book it is already canned

…there is no comeback on the I AM…it’s about you and now

…cannabis prophet, yes…cannabis profit, no…always takes’em away…go ask Pali, the EZCC and the THC

…Moses’ ministry didn’t start until he realized that the I AM that I AM from the midst of the burning bush in the wilderness atop the mountain of man was talking to him. The twelve tribes wandered in the wilderness, following the cloud by day and the pillar of light by night coming from the tent of tabernacles. The burning bush and dressing in hemp sackcloth, having ashes from the burnt sacrament in their hair and on their seats and the private I AM spirit showed equality and forgiveness to those inside…And the prophets called the call but stayed away from the temples’ code and confinement…for the I AM is a mighty spirit…free and soaring above the bickering from the books of Babylon…and Jonah and the wailers called daily…sackcloth and ash…and occasionally saved a town or two, families and stock…but the ease of Babylon inside the walls made the tribes lazy and content…no longer doing the burnt offering or feeling the equality from the sackcloth and ash ritual so the I AM spirit abandoned the temple and once again stayed in the wilderness where the Woman abounded. And those that stayed inside the walls were captured by the Babylonians and enslaved four hundred years of captivity and their memory and desire of the I AM vanished until King Cyrus sent the captives back to from where they came, authorizing a temple to be made by the enslaved…And the first thing they built was the altar for burnt offering and the I AM spirit once again returned inside the walls of the temple. But when the Pharisees and Sadducees realized the spirit in the burnt sacrament was greater than their muffled utterances, they tried to control the mighty spirit of the I AM, denying the flock the spirit in the sanctified consecrated cannabis, so the I AM once again deserted the temple and returned to those in the wilderness and found condolence with the Woman... Those that stayed inside the walls were once again captured and enslaved, scattered far and wide by the Great Empire but the Woman of the Wilderness raised a man-child, giving rise and continuance of the I AM… Emmanuel and John baptized with fire and water…calling the flock back to ancient pastures of the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY…the spirit of Jesus Christ…JSC…rose from the ashes of the burnt burning bush into those who seek, love and adore…still to this day…Jah Love

…shiver, shiver…thaw, thaw…shake and bake

…but the good of religion has satisfied many who have looked for and found confidence in their tenets, lived a good and peaceful life and entered into the bliss of creation like all before; i.e. the rewards and reprimands of one life on earth are exactly what they may be, but the bliss of creation concerns not the mortal life on earth but the immortal eternity of creation’s inclusion and the I AM

…staying in the I AM and taking the consecrated cannabis, the story unfolds revelations and reflections

…in the I AM…you ain’t anybody until you are nobody…when you give up your past you will be I AM…listen to what is said…like the yogi and the boys…nowhere man with a nowhere plan. Stay in the moment and the place is yours

…if it is your way… it’s the high way

…even the atoms of science scream I AM as they split eternity’s time

…in the realm of creation only mankind has to discover who they are. The atoms, animals and air have always understood their place in I AM and creation

…your enlightenment arrives when it is realized that your enlightenment is your make believe, not including or pertaining to any others…so believe big and hope for all to enjoy their own enlightenment

…JSC told Lazarus many times to come back…rise from his past to the I AM and he did, but each time he returned to the past and the smell of death…again and again. And each time Lazarus resurrected, he was not judged of his past but enticed into the Living I AM…do this…entice your friends and foes back into the I AM

…if cannabis is used as sacrament and one is discriminated against that use by having to take a test for THC and the cannabinoids a class action suit across the land would bring attention to the matter and start the healing process

…one man’s belief of the past shouldn’t be another man’s belief of the future… I AM and dogma clash so how can you spread the gospel?…create love in a now situation in thought, word and deed

…it is easier to create love in the now…it’s so fresh…nothing from the past…love from the past has bags

…faith equals mind control…make it, believe it, you got it

…sanctified cannabis privacy…I and I AM

…wood…fire…water…earth…metal…life’s pentagram

…live the moment, accept the future, forget the past…highlights and twilights…episodes in the tri-life of the I AM

…when the light and revelation freely come and go…it’s not yours to keep but to pass along the way

…I AM is redemption as long as you don’t look back…let it go, let it go…who wants to burn in Paradise?

…cannabis and the I AM allows inclusion and recognition of the spirit that has arced the covenant of the Keepers of the Tree of Life

…how many generations of man cultivated cannabis before the I AM were revealed to Moses? Many…many…Manny

…let us all meet our Maker peacefully in the great unknown before that time…rise up now

…I AM ain’t about statistics, facts or probabilities…I AM is just I AM… a clear, empty moment that everyone is entitled…no thought ,no place, no time…just the recognition that you are…I AM

…enlightenment pursuits or personnel materialistic accomplishments, ancient and contemporary, mingle and mangle the generations as the sun rises and falls…happiness can be achieved in both, so if you are happy and I AM happy and they are happy it’s not the roads we travel but the ability to realize happiness can be for all who choose

…the cannabis plant…an annual…has grown since creation and has been cultivated since ancient times… not for money but the feeling that is attained when burnt with fire…no matter what the concern or how it is placed. This spirit…is a hungry spirit…fulfills those who call…equality for all

…the I AM fills up the psychic’s photo frame

…the I AM-ism of the I AM-ist…B.C…I AM…A.D.

…communicate tacitly with your Creator of creation…get the answer to your call

…your relationship with your Creator can’t be the same as your relationship with people…because…with people you need to be flexible, accepting, forgiving, compromising…but the relationship with your Creator is solid and concrete…it is easier to relate to perfection…even if you ain’t…this reflection gives strength to the creation of I AM

…a force created creation and there is perfection in the creations…now and everywhere

…your I AM is your savior…your past is your death…keep on walking don’t look back

…How did Jesus get that name? When asked who he was the only answer that he could and would give truthfully was ja sus crist…I AM ANOINTED…because he no longer related to the his past life…only relating to the feeling of the moment…and so that was also the response given by his followers. When the Romans came to apprehend Emmanuel on his final night they asked…Where is the ja sus crist?... and all the apostles testified…here I AM… but Judas’s kiss of death sealed the deal

…dogma downs…the stitchery of mockery…racing to infinity

…you carry your cross until you give your past it it’s parting and resurrecting into your new I AM…always in the moment, but…it’s not easy to not recall or relate to your past…it ain’t easy being the I AM man

…cannabis burnt sacrament takes the time out of eternity; relating to a recognizable spirit that one feels, that has spanned the generations…I was there. I AM here, I will be there

…the secret of enlightenment is not to think you have attained enlightenment, but to constantly seek and relate to the enlightenment that exist in all creation. You are born enlightened and die enlightened so to recognize that enlightenment is always within waiting to be found and freed from your past

…the Creator’s Creed is love…there is no Creator’s Creed that punishes for transgression…there is a Creator’s creed that offers redemption…man creates creeds under the guise of being sponsored by the Creator and all those creeds man created were made for one man to enslave another…Nicaea Creed

…Allah, Buddha, Christ…ABC’s of Enlightenment…any and all…to be…is I AM…always…Jin-Jai-Jah…Love


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