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The Breeze…blows through the air and time, not looking back but touching with the invisible fingers to let us know…Jah Love and the I and I maintaining the what is of the I AM and accepting what will be forevermore in the minds of those who have been revealed the understanding…ain’t it great? Hello my friends and wishing you the best…nice words and heart felt for sure. So many things that are true about the past and the joys and good times remembered and hoping to once again experience the elation and laughter of the circle of friends as we watch the horizon of time manifesting before our eyes…where there is room for the past, present and future as it swishes on by in the sanctity of the consecrated cannabis communion and comprehending the arrangement of words that have never been heard but known when the Breeze whispers…so I sit in the shade of the coconut tree listening to the stories and times as they huff and puff on by…watching the long shadows of the day run away from the sun…revealing the secrets from Port Jah as the Breeze pushes me back from where I came…Sailor Boy on an upside down raft…raise the anchor and let the four winds blow…the Breeze


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