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And when those dreams and visions had vanished, I was relaxed and tired for I had been in the I AM Spirit forty days and nights. And as I slept, my will and aim by my side, a face with no form touched me in a dream, the most beautiful, loving, enduring feeling that I had ever known in my time…the I AM.

And I found myself at the Crossroads of my life and on each corner were a Sign of Green, Gold and Red to show me in the way. And as I looked out at the universe I could see the seasons of my life rolling past me…the hot of summer…the cold of winter…the wet of spring…the dry of fall. In the days there was light…in the nights there was darkness…they were on the first corner of the Crossroads of my life.

On the second of corner of the Crossroads of my life I could hear the Four Winds of I AM blow the Songs of Righteousness and Freedom from the Sign of Colors. And when I listened, the melodies went out in all directions to the flatlands, the highlands, the lowlands and Seas in the songs the Pi I Piper had taught to sing. The Four Winds blow forever from the directions they came and the Songs were for all who could hear and they were pleasant and healing in my ears.

And across the street on the third corner of the Crossroads of my life I could see from the Sign of Colors all the roads and highways I had traveled from within out and I could see faraway places of the past and future where the I AM Prophets of Old had journeyed, sowing the seeds of truth and life, seeking the Lands of I AM in all directions. And they were harvesting the Cannabis Colors in the East, West, North and South.

And on the last corner at the Crossroads of my life under the Sign of Colors I could see the Street of Paradise. And as I walked back I could see the Faces of Righteousness shining brightly on all the corners of the Street. And I went back in times as if there were no age or bounds…back to Creation…but before I got back to before Was…that being before Creation…a mirror appeared and showed me I AM that I AM. Then a voice echoed to me saying: I have shown you all the mysteries from the Tree of Life but it is not time to reveal the Mystery of Mysteries. Go back to the Crossroads of your life and obey the Sign of Colors. Have patience and watch, for one day you shall know what you seek. Show the Children what is real, love mankind as you love me, for verily that is where I dwell also. Be kind to the motherless and fatherless child, the sick, the helpless, and the poor. Forgive the trespasser for they know not what they do. Give unselfishly of yourself and I will reward you with goodness forever. Seal these words of your dreams in a little book and open them so they can be known and wonder no longer. Be content in your heart and mind…Relax and enjoy…your job has been done….And when I awoke from the dream I wrote what has been written and the pressure from the Weight of the World dropped from my shoulders. I was full and happy, content and determined. No longer will I wonder as I wander across the Lands of I AM with the I AM ANOINTED SPIRIT, the COLORS and the I AM CODE…love everything…forgive everybody…go everywhere…give thanks every time.



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