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…the words ja sus crist translated means I AM ANOINTED or I AM CHRISTENED, depending on what language is used. The word anointed translated means christened. Christened is the root word for Christ and Christians. The Holy Anointing/Christening Oil is made from Cannabosom…the oils from Cannabis blossoms and blooms. Therefore those who are Anointed/Christened are users of Cannabis…so it appears those who oppose Cannabis as the Anointing/Christening Sacrament could be classified as against Anointing/Christening…the Anti-Christ?

…the words ja sus crist…meaning I AM CHRISTENED/ANOINTED… Jesus Christ was a title created in the Fourth Century in Nicaea for the main character in the New Testament based on a man named Emmanuel. When they asked Emmanuel who he was his response was…I AM that I AM…ja sus crist…I AM ANOINTED. But that is what all the Apostles and other followers would testify because they were also Anointed/Christened…When the Nicaea Synod created the Roman-Judah conspiracy they knew they couldn’t have countless men as Jesus Christ so they made the deity in the style of Roman mythology and used the Books of the Old Testament to give authenticity.

…the reasons there are so many Christian denominations is simple…none of them use the Cannabis Sacrament to Baptize with Fire…the archaic ritual of the Holy Lands that offers the common, undeniable feeling of I AM…the most important necessity of an Anointed practitioner. This common, undeniable feeling of I AM has been felt by all who partake in the rite of Baptism by Fire of the Burning Bush ritual. This common, undeniable feeling has not changed since the first members of the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY anointed themselves wittingly or unwittingly thousands of generations ago. The I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY is the original, oldest and only organization that has survived the civilizations and their religions. Relax…get Anointed and feel the spirit of the souls your spirit has known…I AM that I AM.

…Jah translated means the mystical I of the Spirit from the Cannabis Burning Bush.

…the word Jah appears once in Psalms 68:4…sing praise and give tribulation to those who ride amongst the Heavens by their name…Jah…Jin…Jai share common spiritual bloodlines of the Tree of Life and the I AM.

…Emmanuel…ja sus crist…warned the Apostles and commanded them not to take scripture or cloaks on their way. Jesus Christ already knew when you see a man preaching with a book in his hand testifying about a God of his choosing…it was only a God of that man’s choice. And when you see a monk in a robe you know his story and a pope in his cape his story is already known as well and a priest in his cloak, the story is history. Christ knew that everyone must create their own story…not from others but the Divinity within.

…that James…the blood brother of Emmanuel, ministered 30 years after being stoned by Paul and his followers. James survived; recovered and ministered again in the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY. Peter and Paul’s karma took them to Rome where they ended up on the end of Nero’s noose made from hemp rope…not surprisingly…for denying and persecuting the true and original Jesus Christ.

…in every generation the names of the I AM ANOINTED are held in the Spirit received and blessed from the consecrated Cannabis Sacrament and these Spirits Arc the Covenant.

…Cannabis…the Plant of Renown…has been lost and rediscovered many times throughout the generations.

…that most of the major faiths of the world were originated in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains; Hindu, Buddha, Hebrew, Judean, Christian, Islam, Confucius, Tao and Shintoism and others. The Cannabis plant grew freely and throughout the whole mountain range and watershed and was used by all the inhabitants to inspire trade and the development of philosophy, theology, art and humanities of their cultures and traditions. In some Chinese cultures this place is still known as AM I DA.

…Cannabis products were some of the first to be traded; Rope, canvas, cloth, paper, tea, food, incense, oil, fuel, fodder, medicine and, of course…Spiritual Enlightenment…All these…the 12 manners of fruit from the Tree of Life. The Cannabis Caravan carried Himalayan Hemp throughout the first trade routes.

…The Burning Bush that Moses saw was the one which burnt with fire but was not eaten or consumed, distinguishing the difference between Cannabis that burns with fire which has Spiritual powers and the Cannabis hemp consumed in the other 11 manners from the Tree of Life.

…Manna is sun-baked bread made from the ground meat of the Cannabis seed.

…Moses’ I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY didn’t start until the I AM talked to him through the Burning Bush.

…the Twelve Tribes that left with Moses were from many countries and colors of skin, flourishing in the Wilderness for forty years, living close to the Tent of Tabernacles…the meeting place…and the Burning Bush provided the Pillar of Light by night and the Cloud by day and the Cannabis seed provided the Manna…bread from Heaven. And when no smoke came from the Tent, the Tribes moved on to the next watershed where there was plenty of Cannabis growing wild for the Burnt offerings and the Manna and the other manners.

…the three days Jesus Christ said it would take him to build a New Temple…today, tomorrow and the next day.

…love and hate are by-products from the Tree of Knowledge. When you ask why you always get two sides and their extremities.

…the glowing halo and teardrop halo in arts signifies the I AM ANOINTED, graphically representing a single Cannabis pod.

…you can use Cannabis every day and still not be Anointed…understand? Please…chose to be Chosen.

…The use of Cannabis as a drug isn’t the same as the use of the Cannabis as a Sacrament.

…Judas Iscariot held the bag of Cannabis but still betrayed the I AM ANOINTED.

…the I AM ANOINTED has no specific gender, race, local, time or place…except now.

…when the leaves from the Tree of Life are known throughout every nation for their healing…the I AM ANOINTED will be realized and the Spirit of Jesus Christ…ja sus crist…will once again walk and talk freely on Earth.

…the image you create of your Creator is divine ownership. Only you have the keys to open. They cannot be lost, stolen or traded.

…the rivers Ganges and Indus were named after the Ganga Cannabis that flourished in all its watersheds.

…I AM means first person present…not first person future or past or any tense or sense.

…Sanctified Consecrated Cannabis is only good when it is gone.

…the Jinni that appears when you rub the lamp is the Spirit of the Cannabis when burnt with fire. And the three wishes…wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

…the Buddha lived and taught in the deltas of the Ganges and Indus rivers. He became Enlightened living and learning…sitting under the Tree of Enlightenment.

…the King of Hawaii allowed payments in Cannabis hemp products…bless his heart.

…man will always be the last creature to realize the Creator and Creation are one and the same.

…you have two families…your physical family and your spiritual family…That is why Jesus Christ said: I know my flock and they know me…throughout all the generations past, future and present.

…the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY is the oldest, largest and most widely dispersed Covenant with members from every country, culture, language, faith and time.

…the Woman of the Wilderness raises a man-child, the newborn you must resurrect to once again enter the Lost Kingdom that you have been cast from.

…the tithe of the I AM ANOINTED will go through the eye of a needle: forgiveness, happiness, hope, praise, grace, wit, understanding, knowledge, wisdom and many others.

…the cornerstone rejected is the one that Emmanuel resurrected for the eternal ministry…ja sus crist… I AM ANOINTED.

…the Baptism of Fire are rites/rights of the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY…go dip the sop.

…the Cup…the Holy Challis and the New Wine are rites/rights of the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY…go dip.

…consciousness exists to reveal the reality of Spiritual perfection of Creation and you.

…the Baptism of Water is the understanding and knowledge of the Baptism by Fire and the I AM.

…in Acts…Peter distinguishes between those who drink alcohol and those in the Spirit of the New Wine…the Anointment for the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY.

…Jesus Christ commanded to drink New Wine in remembrance of him as often as you wished. It is the Blood of the I AM ANOINTED.

…the Holy Chalice never has a bottom…go dip the sop.

…the only Arc big enough to hold all the animals is the Rainbow…Jah’s Flag that flies over every nation.

…never allow anyone to take away your opportunity to create the image of your Creator.

…the sackcloth and ash ritual suggested by the Prophets was to have every person dress in sackcloth made from Cannabis fibers and go inside the Tent or Temple where the Cannabis Burning Bush would be offered on the Altar for Burnt Sacraments. As the fire smoldered a Cannabis canvas tarp would cover the Altar to keep the flames down and not burn to fast and would be raised occasionally so the smoke of the I AM Spirit would fill the place and souls while the ash spewed into the air going on their heads and seats. This would create an equal spiritual presence in all. They were humbled in their sackcloth garments and equalized by the Spirit that entered their bodies from the smoke from the Burning Bush. And when the smoke no longer came from the Tent…the Tribe moved on…just as it was written.

…the singers and drummers, winds of music and strings will dance and sing…go play.

…to resurrect you have to cross the human fence…this will be your first death.

…the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY is love without the dogma, book, look, cloak or way but every belief, book, look, cloak or way is…OK.

…it is not the book that is Holy…it is the holding hand.

…the I and I are the interaction of the physical I and Spiritual perfection of creation within.

…the Creator, Creation and the realm of Spiritual perfection are the Three Divinities.

…it is all make believe…so go…up to you.

…Ezekiel writes…when the Plant of Renown was rediscovered no longer could the Anointed be accused of having no God. Their God was the Live Spirit and feeling from the Burning Bush and it was once again Renown. And the meat from the Cannabis seed was used as Manna…bread from Heaven…so there would be no hunger.

…the flaming Two-edged Sword that guards the Gates of Eden turns every way to show you the ways of the Tree of Life that awaits you.

…all the Prophets were I AM ANOINTED…and they knew it.

…Jah Island is an imaginary meeting place in the Lands of I AM...common grounds arching all the generations of the I AM ANOINTED…take me to Jah Island.

…the I AM ANOINTED have climbed the Cannabis stalks to reclaim the Spirit that the Giant has stolen… Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum…I smell the smoke from a Ganga-man.

…Jonah’s wail persuaded the Nividians to the sackcloth and ash and repentance.

…Jah Prophet is never a minister, priest, monk or rabbi…for they teach words from the past. Jah is the Prophet of the Living; I AM ANOINTED.

…the eternal peace pipe burns with Cannabis.

…the I AM ANOINTED is the only picture in your framed mirror.

…because of the Spiritual perfection of creation that exists in all creatures between birth and death and then some, every soul returns to the realm of perfection. Those who realize their eternal Spiritual perfection that exists in their presence has the Life of I AM.

…the Pi I Piper is I AM ANOINTED…Take me to Jah Island.

…explaining creation’s relations to illiterate audiences cause religions, cults, beliefs and rituals of the past. I AM ANOINTED is the Spirit of the Living…not the Spirit of the Dead.

…don’t put New Wine in old bottles. You don’t want to mix the Living Spirit with a dying, Dead Spirit.

…a dash of hate is heavier than a ton of gold.

…Ponce de Leon sailed the Caribbean Sea seeking the Fountain of Youth…the Spirit of the Living I AM in the rituals from the Lands of I AM. The I AM is forever new and young every day…the past is old, dead and gone.

…there is not a name worthy of the Creator…manifest within…listening to the tone of the tune.

…to give up personal and materialistic desires in pursuit of Spiritual perfection is a great sacrifice…to consume less is divine.

…there is a flower that grows for the heart of your soul.

…the written word can be manipulated into beliefs but the Spirit of the I AM never changes. The I AM know the I AM internally for eternity.

…faith raises among the mass of helpless, the enslaved, the lost, the persecuted, the warriors, the homeless and sick in hope of a better way after physical death. I AM ANOINTED offers Spiritual perfection now, without the need for personal or materialistic gains or shortcomings.

…Pali is the secret tongue that opens the books from the Lands of I AM.

…every soul exists in the Spiritual perfection of creation. Some know, some don’t but every soul will return to Spiritual perfection and the Creator of Creation.

…because you have been created in Spiritual perfection…you have Spiritual perfection and you can’t give it away. Slow down…think about it…seek…now.

…when personal, materialistic and Spiritual pursuits exist in harmony…Divine equilibrium is created.

…symbolic baptism of water, drinking wine, and symbolic resurrection were designed to keep the knowledge and understanding of the I AM ANOINTED and Baptism of Fire from the mass…Nicaea Nod.

…materialistic gluttony is the burden of the world. The realm of Spiritual perfection is the Light of the Universe and Creation.

…old life was based on time. When you have Baptism by Fire the old life and it’s time expires and you as a new child and the I AM ANOINTED are eternal.

…you had no choice of when, to whom or where you were born. Arriving with a body (personal), a place (materialistic) and Spirit (live perfection of creation), the body and place will disappear but the Spirit of perfection is internal and eternity…and it is yours.

…the Spirit from the Cannabis plant reveals itself in the mystical form of the Tree of Life, the Burning Bush, the Holy Anointing Oil, the Plant of Renown, the Dream Tree, Sackcloth and Ash, the Tree of Enlightenment, the Flaming Two-edged Sword, Jacob’s Latter, Baptism by Fire, Lamb’s Blood, the Woman of the Wilderness, the Jinni and the Lamp, the Cloud by day the Pillar of Light by Night and the New Wine….there are many references…go take a look.

…the Spirit from the Cannabis plant is the Mother of the I AM ANOINTED.

…when the Spirit of the I AM ANOINTED is conceived in one’s Soul…it is Immaculate…without blemish.

…Lamb’s Blood…the first harvest of the Cannabis plant…guards the doors of the I AM ANOINTED. When the tips are pinched, red oil flows from the stems…only the Keepers of the Tree would know this.

…resurrection is easier with the Anointment. Get Anointed…get acquainted and seek the Lands of I AM.

…by revealing the realm of a live Spiritual perfection Emmanuel cleansed the sick, blind, deaf, maimed and deformed and opened their doors to Heaven and the I AM…something the Pharisees wouldn’t allow

…Jesus Christ walked across the Waters of Knowledge by understanding the I AM ANOINTED and Baptism by Fire.

…it is not important the number of times you have been anointed but in remembrance of the I AM ANOINTED throughout the generations.

…the men on the Mountain of Fire that befriended and baptized Moses were I AM ANOINTED.

…when the Creation was created we had to be there or we wouldn’t be here now…reality…my body form and place in Creation have constantly changed. Now I AM that I AM. I have always been in the realm of Spiritual perfection. When the Creator needed a name…I had to be there…for only I know that call.

…many millions are anointed but don’t know…go tell’m.

…the Spirit in Cannabis allows mankind humanities, speech and the feeling of oneness.

…the Cannabis plant and man have no relatives.

…the Baptismal water flow is ongoing day by day, living and learning the secrets of the I AM ANOINTED.

…there were centuries between the appearance of some of the Prophets so it is not a birthright or generational occurrence…but the Woman of the Wilderness will occasionally raise a man-child every time. You can’t chose…only be chosen.

…Hmmmmmm…is the sound of the interaction of the I and I.

…Cannabis…the Plant of Commerce...was at every Oasis on the trade routes.

…George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln were all anointed but didn’t know about the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY.

…Cannabis products, Spiritual freedoms, cotton and tobacco gave birth to the U.S.A.

…King David was anointed but not a Prophet…go ask Uriah.

…the Spirit in the Burnt Cannabis from the Flaming Two-edged Sword is a magnified mirror of your reflected thoughts.

…love can’t exist without you in it.

…scientist exploits the edges of creation but not the perfect spark that creates the realm of Spiritual perfection within.

…openness to change and desire unlocks the gate of the Spiritual Web that interlocks Creation.

…as one seeks the headwaters of their birthright, the soul seeks the headwaters of Spiritual birth.

…you will be spiritually perfect long before you realize it.

…Cannabis Communion with family and friends offers the eternal oneness that arcs the generations of the I AM ANOINTED…take me to Jah Island.

…when Thomas Jefferson penned the Constitution on Cannabis paper he consumed burnt Cannabis but didn’t know about the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY…but from the minds of the ANOINTED come true equality for all.

…your cross is within you on the hill of your salvation, a place to hang your old life as the new resurrects.

…it is OK to say: I don’t know.

…the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY has no walls, steps or paths.

…the marriage of Spiritual perfection can only be to the Creator…never another. When you realize this you will know your Bride.

…you have the right to defend the realm of your Spiritual perfection. No one can take it away.

…no matter how you succeed or fail in your personal or materialistic pursuits, nothing affects the realm of your Divine perfection.

…New Jah is resurrected when you enter your new life from your old ways.

…the Divine marriage of the Creator, Creature and Creation of Spiritual perfection can’t be compromised.

…Levi and sons were the Keepers of the Tree of Life…the Burning Bush…the incense of the Altar.

…judgment will always keep you on the outside of the Gates of Eden and Heaven.

…Jesus Christ didn’t live back the two thousand years to Moses as I don’t live back two thousand years to Jesus Christ but the Spirit of the Burning Bush goes back that far and then some.

…Moses’ I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY and Jesus Christ’ I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY weren’t the first or last of the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRIES.

…the Spirit of the I AM ANOINTED knows the languages and every word of all the tongues…talk to me.

…Adam and Eve were the last names of a chant and the first names of a story.

…when two or more of the I AM ANOINTED have Cannabis Communion the eternal I AM ANOINTED Spirit is awakened.

…I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY is based on peace, forgiveness and unity…not war, judgment or division.

…the sooner you figure out how you were cast from the Gardens of Eden the sooner you can return. Don’t forget the Flaming Two-edged Sword that stays at every gate to show you the ways back inside.

…Emmanuel...JSC… was raised into a man-child by the Woman of the Wilderness…not the first or last.

…when you realize it…you can be.

…when gold gets heavy and sex gets old let the Cannabis Spirit enlighten the new dance of your soul.

…Cannabis offers I AM continuum…but only you can deliver.

…the wind never returns from where it comes…it is always new.

…every religion and faith fights for the attention of the deity but the Creator gives rise and fall to all.

…the teacher can’t teach until the students are ready to learn…but you can still serve.

…there is no new in religion…it is all old.

…all of Emmanuel’s…Jesus Christ’s…sermons were live, spontaneous revelations.

…the less you know the less you have to forget. You will come as newborn without your old ways.

…Prophecy arcs the ages with the eternal Baptism by Fire that the young and old hear and understand.

…the Spirit of Prophecy is truth and life…not lies and death.

…the faiths chase their deities and rituals more than follow their Creator of Creation…Nicaea Creed.

…when you walk another’s path…you never get to where you are going.

…the biggest secret is between you and your Creator.

...when you find your Kingdom…park your vehicle of faith so you don’t run over those already inside the Gates. There are many vehicles of faith in the parking lot.

…in search of Spiritual freedom you could lose your physical and materialistic freedoms…things you will lose anyhow.

…the Cannabis plant appears in the arts of faith…symbolic, graphic, pragmatic and aesthetical.

…Cannabis burnt with fire is for the Spiritual. Cannabis cooked is for the medicinal.

…you only get old when you stay where you are at.

…Cannabis seed is high in protein and fatty oils.

…Cannabis axes out the living from the old…giving new.

…Cannabis creates newborn Christened…I AM ANOINTED.

…you can’t be reborn if you have been Baptized by Fire…it’s a first time event that lasts forever.

…the I AM ANOINTED lived long before the first words were written.

…Cannabis is an oil based plant and when used by the body the Cannabis oils coats the blood cells to prevent and protect from sickness; mental and physical. Cannabis cannabinoids stays in the body for up to forty days or longer.

…the distance in between the Gardens, Revelation and Heaven is a length only you can measure.

…in the Spirituality, the Cannabis Gardeners…the Keepers of the Tree of Life…hold the highest honors.

…the closer the religion the farther the kingdom...Religion creates division, judgment, separation and death…some of the attributes of the Anti-Christ…along with racism, bigotry, anti-Semitism and homophobia.

…there are no facts or guarantees in religion.

…the Creator of Creation creates no religion as it clashes with the spontaneous creation of life. The Creator has destroyed every religion as it seeks equal status as the Creator.

…the rise and fall of civilizations is based on their belief system. Cannabis has and will create new.

…the Cannabis constant consciousness has seen the rise and fall of these civilizations but the eternity of the Cannabis Spirit stays with the I AM ANOINTED.

…there are the ying and yang of human extremities but not so with Creation…it is always perfect.

…Cannabis stalks are resin based and burns more BTU’s than some woods.

…the Cannabis conspiracy…the cover up of the use of Cannabis as the New Wine Sacrament and the Blood of Christ… is still the most coveted secret…Nicaea Creed.

…symbolic baptism by water last a few seconds…realistic baptism by water…knowledge never ends and never forgotten. Baptism by Fire lasts until the Creator takes the cup from your hand.

…a wise person would admit to knowing nothing…intelligence is based on circumstances and relativity.

…the Tree of Life of the I AM ANOINTED masses is the Holy day tree with crowns of green, gold and red.

…it’s not yesterday what the I AM ANOINTED is today.

…it’s not about humanities. It’s about realistic, Spiritual perfection that is in all.

…I AM is the first name you will finally know.

…the D’JAH’NO’s are Baptism by Knowledge…the Waters of the Living.

…ideology turns to idiocy as it manipulates the media to control and influences the masses.

…don’t dwell in the springy spiral of letters and numbers too long for they are for making beliefs. When you want to know, the natural scents of Cannabis sensi makes sense.

…the face of the Big Buddha will always be yours.

…to see is to look past the personal and materialistic aspects of human life to get to the Spiritual perfection that exist in Creation and all the Creatures.

…the eternal search for religious satisfaction is a major, internal desire, satisfied when the search ends up in the internal I of the eternal mind…I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY.

…numbered days’ assumptions and expectations have no meaning in Creation’s perfection…but the day the I AM ANOINTED meet is a great Holy Day.

…regimentation creates dogma…dogma is based on the past…creating death.

…you won’t find the I AM Gospel in the books or stars but from years with the Burning Bush in the Wilderness amongst the I AM ANOINTED.

…in this day and age of communication…when you don’t get the message you get the message.

…never use a borrowed rope to pull yourself out of a pit, for surely it would break from the weak spots. So when you find yourself in the deep hole of the Bottomless Pit of your soul, mold a spiritual rope that is yours…strong and has no weak spots…for that rope will stand tall and straight and will bend but never break from your heavy load.

…the wishes were three…wisdom, knowledge and understanding…but the grant and guarantee were a spirit, a body and a place in an ever-changing scenario throughout the universe as a whole. From the day of your conception until the last grain of your dust you will change as the universe around you will change, making you part of Creation and the Creator as well…no rhyme or reason.

…I AM ANOINTED from Jah’s mystical cup…in remembrance of generations of the I AM ANOINTED from then until now…you will never be alone or separated from your I AM family and friends…I Am ANOINTED MINISTRY’S grant and guarantee.

…human experiences observed by Spiritual perfection are the Living I AM.

…by keeping an open mind and observing the situation, the new information synergizes with the known information, forming a new revelation which will join the known information, waiting for the new to continually perpetuate a vast network of known revelations connecting into a spherical continuance known as Jah’s Web.

…the past Prophets are depending on you to carry on this Baptism of Water and Fire through the generations until the True Revelation is revealed and known. What they toiled, died and were persecuted for shall now come to fruit…the I AM of I AM doesn’t stop.

…You have a Great Spirit inside you…you know that…Your presence is the reality of eternity…you know that…and the feeling you named was created by you…you know that…and the images you created were yours also…therefore you know who you are…Correct?

…somewhere between Paradise and Heaven…first person present and the Spirit of I AM will meet in the Lands of I AM.

…the image you create of your Creator is Divine ownership.

…the Arc of the Covenant is the knowledge that the Spirit of the Burning Bush was the same from generation to generation, known, enjoyed and passed onto future generations…a tangible box of multi-colored sparkling jewels and diamonds of crystalized cannabis cannabinoids holding the internal, eternal and intangible Spirit of the I AM that I AM…for the I AM ANOINTED from the I AM ANOINTED…known, enjoyed and passed on to arch and mark all the generations of the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY.

…I don’t want you to be like me or for me to be like you…or for me to tell you what to do or you tell me the same…I want to be free…I want you to be free…I want to live…I want you to live…I want to be me…I want you to be you. I will accept you as you…I want to be accepted as me…I don’t want to explain my existence…I just want to be…so I won’t be asking about yours…you know what I mean?

…as ambiguity took you out of the gardens…ambiguity will take you back…so take me to Jah Island.

…you must test positive for the cannabinoids of Cannabis if you are a member of the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY. Therefore the drug tests for Cannabis are unconstitutional, denying you the rite/right to Religious Freedom of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY is a recognized Organization of Faith. To become a member you must be Anointed and testify that you are a member…if you deny this…remember you shall also be denied…if you are embarrassed in front of others about this Anointment and testimony you are an embarrassment to those who have sacrificed their freedoms for the Spirit of the I AM and to carry on the name…I AM ANOINTED…the SOUL JAH.

…the complete cycle of the interaction of Man and the Cannabis plant from the birthing of the planting thought concept to the physical exhalation; living, growing, being with and the eventual consumption of the Twelve Manners from The Tree of Life are essential to understand the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY and the I AM ANOINTED. To be forced to go to someone for sacrament, i.e., buying Cannabis is like going to prayer and tithing to bide your way into Heaven…you don’t want to know…do you just want to buy your way? Cannabis…the Spirit of the I AM that provides and inspires should be free to those who desire…Heaven, the River of Paradise and the Gardens of Eden. Go to your Cannabis plants…bide your time in the Lands of I AM with the I AM ANOINTED and the eternity of the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY…Love.


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