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And when the man with dreadlocks seen the book, he asked me: What do you know about Rasta? Your hair is short, you are clean and shaven, you wear no colors on your garments…you ain’t like me. Then I looked Jah Ire in the I with a smile and cackled: Of course not…why would I want to be like you when I want to be like me…I AM? Besides bro’ the whole world has seen how you treat your women and heard the judgments and prejudices foam from your mouth about everything that’s not in your Rasta clique…For a man who has dreads and beard, colors to be seen and Rasta on the tip of your tongue…that is an interesting question…for you had judged me before you had seen me, even before one word was said…and when you had seen the little book in my hand you knew it was so…so now you know the mighty Spirit of the I AM ANOINTED is in the Cannabis burning bush to show man the Tree of Life, not in man to show the Tree of Life…which you have just proven…You know the Spirit of the I AM CHRISTENED was known thousands of generations before Moses’ time…before Jesus’ time and way before the dogma downs you race and chase, thinking that natty doctrine to be much higher and wiser than the whole of the perpetual I AM Nation. The I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY is all inclusive and openly educates and protects the eternity of the I AM CHRISTENED MINISTRY, not judgmental, dogmatic or meagerly mystic…Hanging his head and kicking the dirt he cowed down and went the way of the other stone throwers who lived in glass houses…remembering Jesus Christ and the condemned harlot.

Know this: There are colors, fashion, name and image that can be bought and displayed but the mighty I AM ANOINTED Spirits has always come from the midst of the burning bush…this is the only arc of the covenant of the generations that has existed in every man who has partaken in the consecrated Cannabis communion…let every man test himself before the mighty I AM to know who you are…are you…?... or are you I AM that I AM?



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