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Daddy, Daddy…tell me that story again…you know the one about Moses and the Burning Bush, the Prophets, Jesus Christ and the New Wine, The I AM ANOINTED and the I and I…and by the way…how did you find out about this song?

Well Sonny… sit down and I will tell you…Long, long ago a herd tender who was in exile, named Moses, dwelt near the Mountain of Men and heard the singing and seen the smoke coming from the mountain top and he wanted to see what was causing this phenomena. And when he came closer to the commotion he could see a Cannabis bush that burnt with fire but was not consumed nor eaten. Staring into the midst of the Burning Bush, the smoke surrounded Moses and the mighty I AM spirit entered his soul and body and tacitly spoke to him in a tongue that only he understood…Moses, Moses…why is it you seek the wonderment of the Burning Bush? When you are filled with the Spirit that shows you I AM that I AM, all the ground you will ever stand on will be holy lands and yours to use but not to own, for all of creation is mine…so why do you need your sandals? And the cloud was seen in the day and a pillar of light by night to show Moses in the way of the I AM ANOINTED. And the bush burned with fire and caused Moses to dream of dreams about a people that he knew who were in bondage in a far, faraway place he had once known.

And in the dream the Spirit of the I AM moved Moses close to the empire of Babylon and the four sided triangle where the peoples of the lands had been captured and enslaved four centuries building pyramids for faint pharaohs. When a cloud appeared from the Burning Bush, Moses was moved to free the peoples of oppression. And when all the people who wanted to go left with Moses they were of all colors, cultures, traditions and consciences…seeking freedom and relief from the rulers of their bodies and souls. And when the cloud appeared it led Moses’ mass by day and the pillar of light by night to the promised lands. And when they were parted by the Red Sea, Moses and the tribes dwelt in the wilderness for forty years, led by the cloud by day and pillar of light by night and the Cannabis abounded in all the lands that they roamed. The journey in the wilderness was not easy but life was better than before. With milk from the flocks and honey from the trees and manna from the cannabis seed flour the tribes followed the availability of the mature cannabis fields that grew in all the watersheds of the wilderness….but the peoples were not satisfied with their spirituality…they wanted an idol or a familiar way of old…for human nature is comfortable with consistency. And while Moses was away at the top of the mighty mountain, the tribes rebelled and melted all their gold and cast an image of a calf to worship, disregarding the freedom of the I AM that I AM and the unwritten I AM ANOINTED doctrine. When Moses returned and seen the crew adoring and loving the golden idol, he cracked the stone tablets that he had chipped ten commandments and smashed the rock on the ground and took the molten calf and melted the idol and gave back one small piece of gold dust the size of a grain of sand to all the followers for their remembrance of the golden calf. And the tribes lived and died in the wilderness, dwelling on the plains, highlands and seas. But rejection of the I AM and the Cannabis rituals, the tribes were divided and conquered and cast back into Babylon once again.

In the east a bright star shined when the baby Emmanuel was born to Joseph and Mary…who were espoused but not married in the first marriage. Throughout all the lands spread word that a seed had been born in the line of David and Abraham, who wise men would seek and kings despise. And when Emmanuel was full of the spirit and understood the I AM and the Anointment his followers gave him a name… Jesus Christ…ja sus crist…meaning I AM CHRISTENED. And he taught of wisdom, knowledge and understanding to those who were athirst of the doctrine of the I AM ANOINTED. He spoke of forgiveness, charity, and love concerning the I AM and I and I…but the peoples didn’t want to hear his song so they persecuted and crucified Jesus Christ, an original I AMist, and all the Apostles who didn’t escape…escape to the High Plateaus and the Vessels of Old, so the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY and the I AM dwelt with the I and I on the Plateaus of Fallen Arches and the Sanctified Ships of the Seven Seas for fifteen centuries, waxing strong in spirit and wisdom of the I AM until the Lion from the Lost Tribe prevailed to lead the charge to the New World called Jah.

Conquered by slave traders who had ropes and rifles, the I AM ANOINTED were once again led away captives of Babylon in the New World. For three centuries they built a new nation without increase as the peoples before had done for the pharaoh. Cannabis hemp products, cotton and tobacco were cultivated to support the colonists and the nation grew mighty but the spirit of the I AM CHRISTENED had entered the minds and souls of some of the colonists, just as it had entered Moses’ mind, causing sorrow and separation because they understood bondage is not right and righteousness soon prevailed. A great civil war freed the captives and cast them in the streets of Babylon the Great where the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY stayed in the ghettos and share cropper fields until the war in the Golden Triangle exposed many men to the Spirit inside the burning bush once again…who returned from the ruckus and planted the seed of the spirit of the I AM ANOINTED in their yards and gardens and fields and farms, souls and minds. Then the Lion from the Lost Tribe of Jah came ashore and started growling and roaring the Songs of Righteousness and the stories of the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY were revealed to the Keepers of the Tree of Life…who dreamed dreams of old and related this story as you have just heard.

The Keepers of the Tree of Life are the keys to the seven seals of I AM…for in them the spirit of past Prophets from the first to the present into the future exists…to spread and relate the historical importance of the Cannabis plant pertaining to the I AM, the Burning Bush, the Flaming Two-edged Sword, the New Wine, the Plant of Renown, the Day Cloud and the Pillar of Light, the Dream Tree, the Tree of Life, the Tree of Enlightenment, the Sackcloth and Ash ritual and the Holy Challis…Jesus Christ quoted: This is my blood…take the Tree of Life as often as you wish and live forever in the Gardens of Eden along the River Of Paradise…Heaven on Earth…As for this story, I dwelt with the Woman of the Wilderness forty years before you were born, seeking the I AM SPIRIT of the Burning Bush with other I AM ANOINTED I encountered along the way before I was reborn into a man child and was shown my Bride who put sweet whispers into my ears telling me these dreams that kept me awake at night even though I slept sound until I was moved to reveal this revelation. Nothing more…nothing less…just I AM.


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