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In the year of the Great Eclipse on Rainbow Island, when the moon took the sun, Pali was the front and fore one of the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY and whilst in his way tending his flocks and Keeping the Tree of Life a shooting Star from Heaven fell and head struck Pali who slept and dreamed. And in the dream the Temple and Throne were surrounded by clouds and rainbows, thunders and lightning with voices echoing tongues tied with all the words ever uttered upon the Lands of I AM and from out of the Throne flowed the Seven Seals of Spirits…the Seven I’s of the Wizard of Wise: the I walk, I talk, I hear, I see, I touch, I taste and I smell. And the Temple could be seen through the Diamond I…clear as crystal.

When the Temple was made manifest it was surrounded by the I AMist from the Kingdoms of the Keepers of the Tree of Life. The Lion, the Spirit of Righteousness that dwells on the Mountains of Jah was there…so was the Golden Calf, the reminder to the Keepers of the Law who are pure and just, faithful and forgiving. And the Beast with a face of a man, the Angel’s Keeper of the Faith to show I AM that I AM and finally the Eagle, Aviator of the Earth spreading the seeds and Keys of the Tree of Life. These…the Cherubim, Keepers of the Sacred Treasures also guarded the Gates of Eden with a Flaming Two-edged Sword to keep the ways of the Tree of Life. And the Guardians gave honor and glory to the twenty-four elders, the male and female generations of the twelve months of the Tree of Life who fall down and cast Crowns of Green, Gold and Red to those who sit on the Throne to give power and glory forever.

Looking into the midst of the Temple, the Lion from the Lost Tribes of I AM was opening up the books and freeing the Seven Spirits from the Diamond I. And riding on his back was the Lamb, Master of the I AM Spirit of the Seven Seas and Seven Continents, the Horns of the Earth. And when the Lamb cracked the Little Book, the four beasts and the twenty four elders were made known to those who could see. And they all fell down before the Lamb with harps and Golden Reeds and vials full of sweet odors from the Tree of Life…Green, Gold and Red. And when these Seven Seals were broken and known there was loud Singing and soft Dancing. The Song was to the Righteous who had been slain amongst the peoples and tongues, lands and nations while leading the Dancers with the Lost Sheep back to the Flock of I AM.

The shooting Star that had fallen from Heaven was finished with the work on Earth and was lonely and bored so the space traveler awoke Pali from the dream and gave him a slingshot to be slung throughout the Cosmos for all to see. And Pali launched the celebrated cruiser high and deep into the Heavens. And from that time on…no longer could neither the Gates of Eden nor the Doors of Heaven be opened or closed but only entered through the Flaming Two-edged Sword which turns every way to show the ways of the Tree of Life…as it was written.


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