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And when the vine had been cut and the New Wine had withered away from the mass, there were multitudes of people at the Gates of Eden seeking the Tree of Life, but the flaming two-edged sword turned away from them and would not let them enter the Gates.

And then the rich and mighty were beggars, begging the angels at the Gate for want of the New Wine and ever living spirit which showed man of life. But when they offered their precious metals and shiny stones to trade for the Tree of Life, the Cannabis Burning Bush, the Angels at the Gate chuckled out loud and said:

In times past you jeered, mocked, ridiculed, criticized, and persecuted the Keepers of the Tree of Life, thinking we were drunken as you who swill juice from the old bottles. Why is it you seek the New Wine when you have your bottles of wine and strong drink before you? Did either one show you the way back into Eden or the ways of life inside the Gardens? Hardly, but yet today you will trade all your worldly treasures for a taste from the sweet Tree of Life. It was written and you knew the Tree of Life stayed inside the Gardens, but you stood far off in Babylon seeking after yourselves and images man made with his hands. Now go cast your heavy metals and rocks into the crust of the Earth and see if they will grow for you the spirit you so desire, but in the Gardens of Eden there is no trading, buying or selling, for everything desired is provided…so your sparkling jewels and gold would only be dead weight to the children inside the Gates. And to give you the seeds from the Tree of Life to cast once again in Babylon shall never happen, for it is said you must pass through the flaming two-edged sword that stays by the Gates and turns every which way to show you the ways of life.

Go…seek the Beast who cut the vine and caused the New Wine to wither away right before your eyes and ask him to prepare you a place in his kingdom and let him show you of his ways of life, but the New Wine and Consecrated Cannabis shall only be enjoyed inside the Gates of Eden with the Keepers of the Tree of Life and the I AM ANOINTED.



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