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In a Ganga man’s eyes would any Ganga nation choose any other colors? Oh! Watch that young seed sprout ever so proudly. Round first like the ball of Earth come the first two leaves and if you look close enough you will see a sharp two-edged sword following right behind. Do you see that green shooting skyward towards the sun reaching higher and higher each day, flashing those sharp two-edged swords in the wailing wind?

A spring season passes into summer and now you can see the yellow in each…young men at work throwing their golden jewels to the ladies dressed in white. And when she catches one of these diamonds, she too turns to gold from the Creator’s touch. Shaded completely by sharp two-edged swords, a full belly is found and soon it will be time for natural increase.

A sinking sun sets the red throughout the veins and to the extreme tips. A sense to fall takes the spirit back to other ancient times, remembering the past generation of friends. The bloods of birth paint the path that all the prophets and Ganga men have been made sacrifices upon. Red, the color of Jesus Christ’ blood in which we partake daily in remembrance of the Last Supper. The color of colors…green, gold and red…sharp be that two-edged sword…the anointment of the I AM.


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