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And when the mighty warriors of Ku had conquered Rainbow Island and slayed all the Anointed Kane and enslaved all the females and forced children and their idols and beliefs upon them and had destroyed the Men of Honey’s Cannabis plantations and the Spirit of I AM ANOINTED, the days were sad and depressed because the Ku warriors did not partake in the Cannabis rituals but drank fermented juices from a rooted plant and battled and brawled amongst their selves, so the women of the Lost Tribe secretly said to one another: It is so…they have taken Kane from our hearts and destroyed the Cannabis sacrament and the I AM ANOINTED but we are from the CHRISTENED and carriers of truth and love and we know the Anointed in spirit and mind. Even though we shall be enslaved to the men of Ku and bear their burdens, we will hide the stories of life and the prophecy of truth and love in our dances and chants that shall always remain unwritten and never revealed until the good men of Kane comes from the other Lost Tribes seeking what has been lost and sees Rainbow Island and finds us talking in our dances only songs that they know. Our tongues have been tied too long but the chant and dance stay the same in spirit and heart and we will know when we meet Kane again. Be strong Sisters and have patience. Listen for the Songs of Righteousness to tell you of your dances. Show your daughters what must be shown, for in her all the secrets shall be held until our beloved Kane comes back again.

And life went on the Island of Rainbow for generations and the men of Ku lived upon the islands and seas and separated themselves from the women of Rainbow Island by law and decree and treated the women like slaves. The men would take the young men from their mothers and make them warriors and show them of their ways. The females were left enslaved with their mothers to carry the burdens throughout her generations. But in private the women from the Lost Tribe would tell their daughters the stories of creation, the Cannabis sacrament and the Prophets of truth and love. They taught them in their dances so Kane and the I AM ANOINTED doctrine could not be destroyed, stolen or forgotten and the young girls learned the stories well. And as they dwelt with the warriors of Ku, they were dancing to Kane and the Anointed…as the generations of women before had been instructed…so they waited and danced, listening for the Songs of Righteousness to ring in their ears.

One day…on the horizon a vessel appeared that belched smoke and fire and hard stones and harsh words upon the inhabitants of Rainbow Island and all the mighty warriors fell, one by one until the last one escaped to the Mountain of Fire, where he stays yet today to testify what is known. And from the vessel came upon the Isle of Rainbows the Three Frogs…false prophets, traders and lawmakers who were carried by the Beast for the Harlot and the Beast protected the sailors of the vessel. And when the peoples of Rainbow Island were force fed from the platter of the false prophets, bartered and cheated by the traders and coerced by the politicians, the daughters of Kane remembered the words of past generations: Beware of the Three Frogs…the preachers, the peddlers and the politicians…listen to their song. Do they tell you of your dances? Are they righteous, true and free? Test their spirits with what you know. And when the women could not hear any Songs of Righteousness come from the lips of the sailors of the vessel, they danced and waited…listening for a tune in the breeze of the trees to tell them what they wanted to hear.

And when the men from the other Lost Tribes began to seek the Kingdom that had been prophesied and dreamed of in times of old, they were told to look for the Rainbow…Jah’s Flag that flies over all the nations of the I AM ANOINTED. And on Rainbow Island the rainbow always appeared from the wind, rain and sun and the CHRISTENED came close to see…and upon the shores were all the peoples of all the tribes of the world who had been captured and enslaved by the Beast and brought to Rainbow Island to work the fields for the Beast and Harlot, each with a different belief that had a different name, but the daughters from the Lost Tribe would not procrastinate…they silently danced their dance and softly sang their songs…waiting to hear the songs of Kane…the Righteous of the land.

And when the men from the Lost Tribes who searched found the Cannabis Burning Bush upon the Mountain of Fire on the Island of Rainbows they were consumed by the I AM ANOINTED spirit and they were made to sing songs of the past and future times, of creation, of truth and love and the I AM spirit of the Anointed. And when the daughters of Kane from the Lost Tribe heard these songs ascending from the mouths of men, the same songs they danced but no man knew they were happy, joyous and jubilant for they knew Kane had returned to them as promised and they were enslaved no more. The men of the Lost Tribe had come back to claim the rightful inheritance that was theirs. And when the Beast heard these songs he remembered past times in other lands when the Pi I Piper had piped the Songs of Righteousness and defeated and destroyed the past kingdoms and served the King’s head upon a platter for all to see, so he set his sails on his ship…the KB Treachery and fled from Rainbow Island forever and ever.

And there were great earthquakes and fire, and raging seas and tsunamis, and the moon took the sun when the women and men from the Lost Tribe were lost no longer but were one again with the Earth and Seas. And the I AM Spirit of the I AM ANOINTED created a New Temple…one untouched, raising from the Earth and Sea…in honor for those who were Lost but once again found the Consecrated Cannabis sacrament, the I AM and the Prophet of truth and love.


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