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When the men from the Lands of I AM found and lived upon the Isles of the Rainbows, dancing the Dance and singing the Song, they caused much joy and happiness throughout the Earth, Seas and Sky. And when the King of Babylon…the Eighth Beast…heard of such rumors he sent his Bush-men with ray-guns upon the shores and hills of Rainbow Island to capture and persecute and slay the Keepers of the Tree of Life…for he remembered of times past…the Pi I Piper’s Golden Reed and his dearly beloved Beast the Seventh.

And after the Piper’s Snake Song had started to slither into the ears and tongues of the inhabitants on Rainbow Island, awakening their minds, hearts, souls and curiosities, the Beast became worried and wearied when he heard the ring of that old melody and familiar tune…the jungle-jingle that had destroyed the last Kingdom. And when he was overcome by fear and anxiety he started to shake…like they had shaken before…and when he finished quivering and quaking he said:

Remember the days of bygone when the Man of Multiplication sailed on the Vessels of Old and took the head of the last King? Did he not take my old Kingdom and the children as well? Let us make haste and do away with the Pipers of the Golden Reed who live on Rainbow Island…for they are showing the whole Earth and Sea of my past rats and infestations. Send the legions into the lands and bring to me the Piper with the shrillest sound…for it is he who played the Snake Song on the Isle of Fog that caused all the past rats to jump from the high places and drowned in the low. It is also he and the I AM CHRISTENED from the Lands of I AM who told the Revolutionist about the manners of the Tree of Life. I still hear stories from the creatures of the Seven Seas, singing daily about the Great Tea Party and that bloody piece of hemp paper all about rights. Prepare for battle again, for surely this must be the end of the Piper or it will be the end of my Kingdom. Send the Bush-men with ray-guns; for they too are part of the Eighth…let him be the one that brings back my platter with the head of the Piper…a Crown of Crowns.

So the Bush-men took their ray-guns and sneaked upon Rainbow Island, secretly and watched and listened to the men and women of Rainbow Isle singing and dancing to Kane, the Man I AM, the Righteousness of the Lands of I AM. Then they caught and cast all the Keepers of the Tree of Life before the Judge who understood the Beast’s Decree. They jeered and jailed those who smelled of sweet, but the shrillest of sounds sashayed down the slopes of the Mountain of Fire and found it coming from the vilest, most inaccessible place…A’ana Pali.

And as always, the Pi I Piper danced with the Son in his I’s on A’ana Pali and he could see faraway places of past and future. And in the vision he could see the I AM Prophets and the eight Beasts on the old fields of battle. And as his victories appeared before him, the Piper knew he would play the day as it passed by him with the harshest and sharpest Songs from the Golden Reed…for this was the day he had waited patiently two thousand years to manifest.

When the Son was at the highest peak the Pi I Piper left A’ana Pali and started piping the snake Song into the Valley of Death where the Rats and Plagues, the Harlot and the Eight Heads of Babylon and all the Bush-men that had assembled on the back of the Beast were lying and laying in wait. Unafraid…the Piper strolled amongst them with the Holy Smoke from the Golden Reed swirling and twirling…trying to Copt them…but they cuffed the Piper and bound his hands and feet tightly…but not his tongue and they charged him in the court of the King Judge who was of the Tribe of Judah…surnamed Samuel…with keeping the Tree of Life and Singing and Dancing the Songs of Righteousness and Freedom.

And when the King Judge asked for a plea, the Piper piped: What is charged is so and to deny this would also deny the Spirit of the I AM that I AM…that you…Samuel…know from the Books of Moses. What man has been transgressed against let him come forth, but there shall be none, for no sin against any man has ever been committed concerning the consumption of Cannabis, the Burning Bush. But man sins against man and wants to hide when he hears the Songs from the Land of I AM that make him naked and ashamed, looking for a wise to blame. Now you hear the Snake Song ring in your ears and you too will consider the jump from high places. Today the Wizard of Words has corralled you all in the Valley of Death and Doom so all the inhabitants of the Earth can see the battle and fight you also until your death and cast you in your own Bottomless Pit and the Key is the Tree you so hotly pursued.

And with the Key…the Tree of Life and its Flaming Two-edged Sword…the bounds and bondages were opened and the Pi I Piper shrieked the shrillest, loudest, longest, sweetest note from the Golden Reed that was ever heard, carried by the Four Winds from the Land of I AM into all the directions from which it came…And all the Children of the I AM Tribes, the Past Prophets and Angels, the Just and Holy, completely surrounded the Devils of Death Valley while the Piper played and the Children sang and danced to the Right in tighter and tighter Circles of Life until all the Beasts and Bush-men fell into the Bottomless Pit, never to return. And Michael the Art Angel locked the door and painted the Tree of Life upon the Pit to seal it forever. And when the Singers and Dancers knew it was so they laid their feet in the Land of I AM and put their faces into the Four Winds, smelling the Freedom and Rights and the I AM that I AM. And all along the different paths the Children walked, a Tree of Life sprang up under each step, to show all the ways of the Tree of Life and the I AM ANOINTED in the Lands of I AM.

And on the Vessel of Old, the Pi I Piper and the Sailor Boy sailed the Seven Seas for another hundred generations…coming to and from the ports of story, giving Jah the Glory, day-dreaming dreams of new and old, the dreams of Rainbow Island, the Mountain of Fire and the harsh and vile…A’ana Pali.



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