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From the deep depths of our dying Mother Earth gasps the Whirling Winds of Wonder

Wails of fallen Angel Stars upon our eternal homeland’s breadth

Time is no more she cried…On tattooed faces of lies

Dragon whispers what’s mine…Time is no more it died

A good life rings in the echo of morning’s creation

As the Old Man chips away on the Rock of Ages a Circle of Life

And from the dust of his works sprout the Blooms of Life

The Butterfly of Love and the Dragon of Death

Casting their shadows on the straight paths and crooked bridges along the Spring of Hope

Gates of Gloom loom on trans-parent tubes…Watching Video Child’s Freedom Ship slip away

The World has spun out of Earthly control…Pies of people of street corner clones

Pale faced warriors gaze through wiry woes…Time is no more it died

High Times along the stream find the Old Man sitting on the Right side of the River Paradise

Smelling the fragrant blossoms and blooms of Jah’s sweet love at the base of his feats

Waving wonders across the Lands of I AM with gracious Crowns of Green, Gold and Red

Reflections of Summer Sun’s highest peak…Smeared Jah Blood in the palms of donation

Planted Jah seeds in the Lands of I AM Nation…Spread Jah Love a sweet mix of secrets

Over the edged place of Preparation…Rose from the Tomb of No Place to go

Time is no more it died

The Old Man turns towards the Winds of Change flailing unfilled nostrils into the breeze

No longer do the sweet scents linger along the way

But have vanished into the Four Whirling breaths of Eve

Dead flower petals Fall on the down currents of darkness

Spin your thoughts in the Temple of Temptation…Fade away from the Master of Deception

Crack the skull of un-skinned skeleton nations…Crucify the Horse of High

Time is no more it died

The Lion from the Lost Tribe of I AM sleeps as the Dragon of Death

Thrashes wildly at the Winter moon shined silhouettes of the Butterfly of Love

The Old Man triumphantly enters the brilliant Gates of his childhood dreams

Cut your teeth on the jagged Streets of Never…Spilt your breath of stormy-eyed weather

Bet your soul’s crossroads on neon light tethers….The Children are gone to visions beyond

The Mystical Mountain of Wise…Time is no more it died

In the morning the Old Man splashes in the Spring of Hope

Waiting for his last Ring of Life to rise through the Door of Dawn’s domain

The Rooster crows

The Old Man knows the Right time has arrived…whewwww he gasps

Time is no more it died


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