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When Moses and the Tribes of I AM had wandered for forty years in the wilderness they came to a great sea. Many of the men, who were boat builders of old, constructed vessels to take them to and from places upon the Seas and Earth. And as their generations increased and the I AM spirit abounded, many had faith in their travels on the Seas, for the I AM spirit of righteousness is relaxing, revealing and resourceful, and they knew that all the Earth and Seas were made to travel and explore.

One day the storm of storms covered the Earth and Seas and the Anointed Sailors were scattered far and wide from the lands of milk and honey and they were lost. Some drifted across the Green Sea to the Isle of Jah and found it to be a place where others had previously drifted and marooned and the Spirit of the I AM of the Anointed and the Cannabis sacrament flourished.

And after the boat builders had lived on the Isles of Jah and all the lands around, their generations once again prospered, their I AM Spirit and increase overflowed and their faith grew strong. They were comfortable on the High Seas, so they crossed the land to the west and built new boats…bigger and stronger and sailed west in the Great Blue Sea, searching for the Island of Rainbows that they had dreamed of in their dreams and seen visions in their daydreams…a great island where creation was being created…and the honey flowed like water and the lava erupted like red blood from the Earth. The rain and wind from the Seas showed creation and how creation has always been and they dwelt on Rainbow Island for generations harmoniously with the Creator and the creation…day and night and what is good for living…and the I AM CHRISTENED loved their earthly brothers and sisters dearly and would do no harm to any soul on Earth, for they knew not the ways of war, but they were Kane…husbandmen of the Earth and Sea, to gain natural increase and multiply.

One day from the south a great sailing canoe of pagan worshippers who were devout followers of idols and images and supernatural mystic arrived and brought wrath and war upon the shores of Rainbow Island. They were fierce warriors and soon conquered the Men of Honey of the Lost Tribe and made them captives of Ku. And the mighty warriors took all the works from the I AM ANOINTED, killing all the men and enslaved all the women and girls of Kane. And the I AM spirit of Rainbow Island was without Kane and the Anointed until the spirit of Jah created the I AM through the Cannabis Burning Bush, raised up once again to rightfully claim what was theirs. And still today on the Island of Rainbows the women of Kane translate the stories and legends and creations of the Men of Honey in their chants and dance of generations.



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