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Welcome to creation, a gift from the Creator for you and for me.

Come…where eastern mornings meet western eves in a balmy Southern Sea. Come…enjoy our natural beauty and loves…relax your soul and mind with dreams and adventures on our Rainbow Island.

Come…swim in crystal clear waters, share warm coral lagoons while diving with finned aquatic creatures…watch bronze tanned surfers mount foamy white wave’s sun splashed by endless summer swells…hike atop majestic snow-capped mountains silhouetted high against azure skies surrounded by black, barren lava stretching fingers aimlessly towards the dark blue ocean. Walk amongst picture perfect foliage framing towering waterfalls that thunder through thick-jagged jungle terrain.

Come…view brilliant rainbow sunrises walk misty steps over long wind swept slopes of wild orchids and fragrance filled flowers of cannabis blossoms. Come…observe crowning cumulus clouds lumber slowly across flaming sunset horizons…hear erupting volcanoes rumble in the distance and feel the earth shake as it sends molten rock sashaying down to the ocean’s edge where the Goddess of Dance writes unwritten poetry on virgin black sand beaches.

Come…feel a salt wind blow through a day of trees, talking in tongues of new and old, melting traditions and cultures into a Rainbow Island for all fortunate guests…dine on delicious fruits and vegetables…taste the bountiful treasures from the deep blue sea. Cruise moon-lit coves lined with swaying coconut trees or entice your partner on a midnight stroll amid sensuous night blooming Kali…visit with lovely peoples of the land, enjoy their kindness and hospitality…offered ever so unselfishly.

Come…lounge under frond-canopied cabanas…sip cool, exotic island concoctions…enjoy the sanctified, consecrated sacraments…lazily daydream until your heart is content…Please come soon, Our Palinesian Paradise will be waiting for you…Come…delight in a smile, a charming place and a reason why.



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