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In the year of the Great Eclipse on Rainbow Island a great grumble was heard of an unusual occurrence that had begun to happen along the trade route in the Oasis of Falling Rains. In one of the markets of the Oasis, products from the Tree of Life had started to appear and word had been spreading across the lands about this phenomena. The twelve manners from the Tree of Life had all but vanished upon the face of the Earth ever since the Great Tea Party and many came to witness these wonders. The hemp haven had the ropes and cloth, canvas and paper, oil and seeds, fuel and fibers in stock and store.

On the Glassy Seas the Pi I Piper was sailing with the Sailor Boy on one of the Vessels of Old…The Mist…and came close to shore when they heard of these rare manifestations. When the Seventh King of Babylon had escaped the Land of the Free ten generations prior no longer did the colonist revolutionaries use the eleven manners from the Tree of Life for the necessities they needed but instead used industrialized goods made from cotton and flax, coal and liquid fuels, corn and wheat and other alternatives to substitute for the convenient Cannabis commerce of the past.

When the Pi I Piper and Jamari, the son of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, who had voyaged with the Piper for hundreds of generations across the Seven Seas, anchored the Mist in the Crescent Bay on the windward side of Rainbow Island and came ashore they sought out the establishment and the Keeper of the THC shop, for their interests and curiosities had been stirred and awakened. The journey to the Wet Oasis twisted and turned along the path of least resistance, through the jungles and wild orchids, meadows and mango groves passing many peoples who were attired in sackcloth clothes from ancient times and had the Secret Sacred Sacrament in their pockets, giving some to Piper to test and try. Seeing the smiling faces in coarse cannabis clothing and communion had brought back to the Pi I Piper recollections from the past about another place and time in the Ganga Valley of his youth. Touching the fibers from his shirt he recalled his good friend Green-Gol’ Redd and the good life along the River of Paradise that flowed from the Gardens of Eden and the day long ago when they had set out on the Mist. Green-Gol’ Redd’s sister, Blue Eyes, had woven the shirt and pants that Pi I Piper still wore and the abrasive hemp fibers were just starting to get smooth and comfortable after a life time of wear. A set of hemp clothes hand woven with love would last forever as long as you didn’t chose to lose them.

The day turned into night as Piper and Jamari traversed the trail that had been worn into the smooth lava rock from other travelers through time’s eternity and the light from an ongoing volcanic eruption guided them as they made their way to the Oasis of Rain. And through the clouds and fog the sun rose out of the ocean and caused an effervescent rainbow to bubble on the small hamlet and THC tower and arcade. Strolling and sauntering along the trade route in the early hours of dawn, the Piper and Son of Christ finally arrived at their destination, stopping in front of a huge heap of hemp fibers and the sign of Green Gold and Red.

The early morning arrival had gone unnoticed and the chickens and dogs were still sleeping when the Pi I Piper took the Golden Reed from his hemp satchel and started to play the Songs of Righteousness and Freedom. And when the smoke from the Consecrated Cannabis that had been given to him along the trade route by the Keepers of the Tree surrounded the THC premises, coughing and gasping could be heard coming from inside the walls as the Spirit from the Tree of Life called to the Keeper of the Twelve Manners from the Tree of Life. And when a man, dressed in white raiment appeared at the entrance of the THC gallery with a smile and wave he ushered the weary Pi I Piper and Jamari into his domain and said: Good Morning to you and welcome to the THC enterprises. My name is Rajah, the Sun of Christ, and the Light of the Enlightened. Come inside the Kali Klatch and wonder at our wares, have some hemp tea and manna toast and time for chatter. Come in and set down, take the weight off your sleepy souls. I’m sure the trip has been long and arduous; I’ve made the same jaunt myself many times. Stay as long as you like and share the stories of your journeys and sojourns with the Golden Reed. And do tell me…where did you get those hemp threads?

The Piper smiled and exhaled, chuckling at the humor and hospitality Rajah had offered as he lay down in a hemp hammock that swung in the breeze that was blowing through the doors and said: Raj, thanks for your kindness and generosity. My name is the Pi I Piper and this is Jamari, the Blood Son of Christ. We appreciate the friendliness and warmth you have so unselfishly offered. We have sailed the Seven Seas for ages seeking the ports of story that give Jah the glory and we are happy to have found this Pearl of the Glassy Sea. We haven’t seen these hemp necessities in a long time and we do need ropes and canvases for our sails, supplies and provisions for our sailing boat…The Mist. We only find one of these Oases once in every generation. It will be a pleasure to restock and replenish the galley and the hull with your manners from the Tree of Life. As for these fine hemp apparels, they were hand woven with love to be worn every day and then used as my burial suit. I’m just getting them broke in.

So the Piper and Jamari enjoyed their visit and the stay at the THC compound with Rajah, the other Sun of Christ, daily gathering the supplies and stocks that they would need on their next expedition into the great unknown. Mangoes collected were peeled, sliced and dried along with bananas, papayas, pineapples and coconuts. Fish were caught, cleaned, smoked and dried. Vegetables were gathered and dried; tomatoes, chili peppers, beans and corn. The THC market had hemp seed, hemp seed flour for the manna and hemp oil for the cooking and salads of hemp seed sprouts. And at night the Piper would light the Golden Reed and pipe songs as Jamari would sing and dance to Rajah and the other seekers of the sweet smoke from the Golden Reed, revealing the stories about the glories of Jah, the I AM CHRISTENED and the ANOINTED. And as the Sailors sang and danced, Rajah would listen intently, absorbing the information and knowledge that the Piper and Jamari would reveal to him about the Twelfth Manner, the Spirituality of the I AM ANOINTED and the Consecrated Cannabis for he had never heard those songs.

And after the Piper and Jamari had collected all their necessities from the gardens and waters near the Oasis of Rain and hemp rations and requirements from the THC bazaar they made preparations to leave the friendly confounds of Rajah and the THC. With pats on the back and spirit in their grips, the look of love in the eyes and the words of when we meet again, the Pi I Piper, Jamari and Rajah disappeared in the cloud of smoke from the Golden Reed and went on their ways.

On the way back to Crescent Bay and the Mist, Piper could see a deep concern on the expression of Jamari’s face and the skepticism in his body language as they crossed the canyons and crevices with their heavy loads of goods. Stopping in the shade of a huge shittah tree to take a break, the two sat down and drank from their canteens and looked out over the waves of sugar cane that extended all the way to the ocean. Piper pulled out his pipe and filled it with water then took a pinch of stash of the Oasis’s finest sacrament and placed it in the cone as he walked over to a space in the shadow that had a beam of sunlight shining through and took out his Diamond I, zeroing the prism of light directly on the glittering jewel droplets that coated the lime green blossoms. Giving thanks to the Cannabis Covenant a wisp of smoke appeared on the cup’s edge as the Piper lightly pulled on the Golden Reed. A flame burst from the smoldering embers as he cupped the lid and continued the bong hit while a thousand drummers pounded their drums inside the bamboo chamber. Taking an extra breathe of fresh air after the burnt sacrament had turned to ash, Piper held in the smoke and gazed out towards the ocean before he puffed out rings of smoke circles…and blessed the fulfillment in the manner of old…Jah Love. Turning to Jamari and offering the same rite of the ritual, Piper held the concentrated beam from the Diamond I perfectly in the cylinder as the Sailor Boy offered gratitude to the ones who had carried on the Cannabis tradition. Within seconds he was coughing and choking, spitting and spewing out the spent smoke as the Spirit from the Burning Bush entered his body and soul and his face turned red from the instant flush…Jah Love he lipped as he recognized the familiar companion and handed the horn back to PI I Piper.

Sitting quietly next to Jamari the Piper looked at his godson for a moment, studying his face before asking: What is bothering you Breeze? You haven’t said a word since we left the Oasis. You are usually all perky and energetic but you slumbered all the way down the trail. Did you forget or remember something? Taking in a deep breathe while looking down at the ground, Jamari raised his head and looked the Piper in the eyes and said: Uncle, I have not forgotten nor remembered anything that is unordinary but I do have a feeling, a profound concern about Rajah and the THC. I really enjoyed our visit and the reasoning and sharing of the cup and manna, the companionship and camaraderie that we shared in Rajah’s presence but I do fear you might have gave him too much of your knowledge that is easy to feel and relate but hard to understand and justify and much harder to reformulate and express in the articulate way of Jah. Sure, we shared the sacrament in the ways of old and buzzed the buzz and we told him the stories from the yonder ports of our past, but you have the ability to twist a life time full of information and experience into a strand of hemp thread. It took you forty years of living and growing Consecrated Cannabis in the Wilderness that sets above the Valley of Ganga with Green-Gol’ Redd during your initial training with your elders before you were ready to take the next generation up the Mountain of Jah and teach them what you had been taught. And then you lived in the Community of Caves along the River of Paradise watching life and Jah’n with Green-Gol’ another forty years while you did your generational duties of getting Rassie and Jahhee, Kandu and Pali ready for their indoctrination and baptism into the Wilderness. Then the trip on the Mist down the River to the Great Ocean and beyond, seeking out the Ports of Jah and the thousands of generations you have been sailing the Seven Seas collecting and spreading the wisdom of the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY on your way…I think you gave him just enough hemp rope technology to hang himself because you know the Beast, King Babylon the Eighth floats in these waters seeking the Tree of Life and the Keepers and he is especially hard on the ones who mimic his Three Frogs in the passage of life. I love Rajah but the THC enterprises faintly included peddle’n, preach’n and politic’n. Didn’t you hear the croaks from Nicaea? I know it was all in the way of Cannabis and hemp but still those three paths are the Beast’s forte. I doubt if he will let Rajah freely exploit in his domain….I really do fear.

Silently the Piper got up and poured the water out of the bamboo shooter and packed it back in his bag along with the other bag and slipped under the overloaded pack that was hanging from the tree and adjusted the Cannabis cargo on his shoulders for the long trip down the well-worn path. Jamari donned the other rucksack and wiggled into comfort as he tried to catch up to the Piper who was picking them up and laying them down as they plodded onward, watching the sun set pull the darkness out of the ocean as it was disappearing over the Mountain of Fire. And as Piper trekked, he pondered what Jamari had said and thought of the long ago past and Mt. Jah and the River and the Caves and the kids and stories and it all seemed natural and good but it did take him a lifetime acquiring what he knew and he had painted that picture in Rajah’s mind in a blink of an eye. A beautiful depiction of a blissful life before the Beast but now everything had changed. No longer did the Keepers grow their Trees of Life in their Gardens but had to root around like wild boars in the underbrush and the dreads of the forests to hide their sacredness from the marauding thieves and bandits. The Beast had sent his legions into the lands to slay and capture the Keepers and cut the Tree of Life from the face of the Earth. And there was a scarcity of sacrament to the extent that the neighbors were stealing from each other and foraying into the forests to find whatever Cannabis they could poach or pilfer. Times were tough on the land but the Piper had the Mist and the freedom and convenience of the Seven Seas and didn’t realize the scale or magnitude of scorn and persecution that the King of Babylon had commanded upon the inhabitants of the Earth who sought out the sweet smoke of the Piper.

As the sun was rising over Crescent Bay the Piper and Jamari had just arrived at the seaside and loaded their freight onto a chartered outrigger canoe and helped paddle the short distance out to the Mist. And when the work had been finished drowsiness set upon the Sailors and the sloop rocked them as a deep sleep soon followed. And as Pi I Piper slept he dreamt and in the dream the Eighth King was planning a surprise attack…dubiously dubbed…Green Harvest…on the inhabitants and gardens and fields that surrounded the THC Oasis, specifically focusing on Rajah and the THC. His spies and detectives had followed the legacy of the Piper and Jamari from the shores of Crescent Bay to the Rainy Retreat and watched and documented the makings and movements of the citizens of the community. Knowing Piper’s reputation from previous battles, the King knew there must be something important and noteworthy going on to attract such fabled travelers as the Piper, who he knew as the Lamb, and Jamari, the Noose of Nicaea. And as the King’s gangs and hordes encompassed the Oasis pulling the net tighter and tighter, burning and razing the fields of Cannabis and capturing and killing those who didn’t get away, they turned the dogs loose and hunted down Rajah, Jamari and the Piper, casting them inside the King’s gates for a wait and then some. And as the trial proceeded and Hosius the prosecutor litigated the charges of defying and disobeying the first decree of the Nicaea Creed, a guilty verdict without jury was handed down and the sentence was instant death by hanging from the Noose of Nicaea for all three. And as the three I AM amigos stood on Haman’s gallows waiting for the King’s henchmen to pull the lever a rare bolt of lightning struck the platform, burning the hemp rope and toppling the structure. Just before the Piper hit the ground he awoke from his dream…to the soft misty afternoon rain that was cascading down the slopes of the Mountain of Fire, gently swaying the Mist. As he lay in his bunk, contemplating the dream, he recalled the reality and truth and results from visions before and he knew what must be done.

Awakening Jamari and revealing the dream, they sat and pulled from the Holy Chalice as the Pi I Piper explained the plan and it’s execution in detail while Jamari listened carefully, absorbing every aspect and point of the Piper’s plot: Do you remember when we were out in the gardens collecting the fruits and we came to the small fishing village near the hot water ponds? The small bay was calm enough to anchor and the people were helpful and accompanying. They despised the Beast and the King as much as you and I do and I think we can count on their allegiance. They all loved Rajah and the THC and always spoke highly of him and his works…so this is what we will do…Tonight when the sun goes down I want you to take the path back through the jungle to the THC compound. The light from the volcano will guide you on the way. Take just enough water to quench your thirst because you must be quick and quiet. The King might already have activated his plan so be on the lookout for his forces especially around the crooks and cracks along the way. Try to arrive before the chickens wake and slip into Rajah’s abode without waking the entire crew. Tell him of the dream and plan and I will sail the Mist to the other side. We should arrive at that destination about the same time…Jah be with you…And as Jamari swam into the coast on a wooden board that was given to him by one of his friends at the beach, Piper set sail to the Mist and they both departed Crescent Bay as the sun was blazing the horizon with orange flames, the Earth quaked and the Mountain of Fire blew a lava eruption all night long.

Hustling along the way, not stopping for even the drink the Piper suggested, Jamari double timed past the big acacia tree and cautiously crept through the jungles and fields, listening for the sounds of snoring soldiers and barking dogs. He knew the King used blood hounds to do most of the tracking and dirty work and the Beast was known as the one who let the dogs out. Drawing on his strength and endurance to push him beyond the tiredness that was making his breathe short and legs weary, Jamari soon realized he was in the midst of the Beast’s encampment that had already encircled the far edges of the community. Using his guerilla skills that he had learned long ago, Jamari low crawled into the hamlet before the chickens awoke and slithered into the THC homestead, not waking a soul.

Rajah was still sound asleep as Jamari pulled on the hemp hammock cords, gently swinging the cannabis cot until Rajah woke up when he realized it wasn’t the mountain winds. Jamari smiled and shushed Raj as he whispered the happenings in his ear, explaining the dream and the real life expedition back to the Oasis to rescue Rajah from the King’s wrath. But when Jamari told him of the escape and evacuation plans, Rajah resented the idea, saying he was entitled to minister to his flock anyway he seen right and that he could never abandon the store, the politics, the ministry or parish’s practitioners. When Jamari pleaded with Rajah, reminding him it was they who ran away that lived to plant another day, the THC deacon held firm on his commitment and chose to remain in his friendly confines and said: I have been doing this now for ten years, every day serving the peoples what they want to buy, poll or believe. Why would I be afraid of the Beast? Those dogs ain’t that big and I got a lot of big hemp sticks if they get to close. I do appreciate your care and concern but I can’t leave...whatever the outcome. It couldn’t be any worse than the trials and tribulations your Father suffered serving his flocks long ago…And Jamari understood Rajah’s commitments and obligations and knew he couldn’t persuade the THC minister to leave.

And when the strong trade winds started to blow, far off sounds of the hounds started to echo through the THC camp and Jamari knew it was time for him to go because he had a huge bounty on his head since the days of Nicaea and the Noose awaited him if he was ever captured. But when he looked out the back door he seen the King’s men had already made a double ring around the THC margins and were marching towards the prize. And as they got closer and closer Jamari had to make a plan…quickly. Remembering days of old when he was a child, frolicking in the pastures and meadows with his Father, they would make Cannabis kites that would sometimes lift Jamari off the ground as he held tight to the hemp cord…He remembered the big rolls of Cannabis canvas that Rajah had in the store and the plan instantly came into action…I will make a glider that will carry me down slope to the water’s edge where Piper will be waiting. I just need a few things so he asks Rajah: Raj…where is those hemp sticks you said you have? I need about a dozen and three meters of canvas, some strong cord and twisted twine and a knife…And as Rajah gathered the supplies Jamari had requested, the hound dogs got closer and the chickens squawked louder as the soldiers chased them from their roosts. Jamari unrolled the canvas flat on the ground then laid the hemp sticks out in the design of a double posted cross that he had envisioned, tying the tarp taunt and tight onto the sticks with the braided hemp twine. Then he strung a rope from tip to tip, giving the kite a slight curvature, like the wings of the waterfowl he would watch along the River of Paradise. When he was confident in his work he flipped the flying contraption over and watched as the breeze started to give it lift, raising hope and determination as the King himself was now at the gates of the THC Ministry, trying to get in, but Rajah had set fire to the huge heap of hemp that guarded the gates and the winds blew the smoke and caused the King to stop and cough long enough to allow Jamari to climb to the top of the THC tower and hoist the kite up with the cherished hemp rope that Rajah had supplied. And as Jamari was fitting into his hemp rigging he looked down just as the King’s men nabbed Rajah and all the THC servants and put them in shackles and handcuffs to be escorted inside the King’s gates. And looking up the fifty cubit pylon that was as high as Haman’s Gallows, the Beast shook his clinched fists and hollers out to Jamari: You can run, you can fly but you cannot hide. We will find you one day and put the same noose we used to string your Daddy on that faithful day…and when the last words spouted out of the King’s mouth, Jamari dove into the wind towards the King with the Lasso that had been given to him by Rajah. And just as he was about to crash back into the Earth he slung the rope around the King’s neck and pulled out of the dive at the same time, leveling off and dragging the kicking King all the way to the lava that was flowing into the ocean. And when they were near the molten magma Jamari cut the rope and the Beast belly-flopped into the boiling waters where he was instantly cooked and fed to the sea bugs on the bottom of the ocean. Jamari banked tight and glided down the coast to the bay where the Piper and Mist awaited, skipping across the water as he water-skated to a stop. The cheering locals who had witnessed this unbelievable mission paddled out on their surf boards and brought Jamari back to the black sand beach where the Pi I Piper was rolling a sacred sacramental spliff…unusual because the Piper rarely had papers.

And as they sat sorrowfully under the coconut tree talking story, multitudes of masses started to appear, coming down the hill from the Oasis, spilling out upon the beach. It was Rajah and the whole THC community, the Keepers and the King’s converted soldiers who quickly flipped when they realized the King was no more. And there were parties and performances, dancing and singing, as the blessed trade winds traded with the palms trees and the Mother of Creation silently hissed as she slid into the Seven Seas.



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