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Many myths ago when the Scorpion was dragging its tail through the Heavens a child was born to a Viking of Vessels and a Hillbilly of the Earth and they named him Pali. They lived together watching two streams gently converge to flow as one, softly to the Great River and Sea.

Unknown to anyone, the Mighty Creator sent his Good Shepherd Rassie to guide and follow Pali all the days of his youth, for there had been splendid plans made and laid for the future of Pali. And Rassie and Pali were of one Spirit and Shadow…I AM…flesh to mind in all their days of play.

Pali’s family and friends were gardeners and gatherers, hunters and fisherman and constructors of necessity. They sought after their natural increase upon the small plots and parcels, waters and wilds in the Lands of I AM. From the time he could walk and talk Pali watched and learned the ways of the world by listening to Rassie, asking the wise and seeking the fun and games of leisure and laughter of I AM.

But in the Dark Forest of Babylon the Great not one Tree of Life could be seen…And without the Tree of Life…no Prophets of the I AM ANOINTED could be found from Sea to shiny Sea. There were only the Three Frogs…the preachers and traders, politicians and their pests who force-fed the flocks from their platters that carried the heads of all the Past Prophets.

Just as the seasons, so went the years and the Beast…that old scoundrel who camouflaged himself well, painted himself plainly in the minds of the masses. He fed many mouths the Sad Soul Song that went like this: It is OK to sin and transgress today and tomorrow just as your past. Give me your tangible tithes now and just ask for forgiveness a second before your last…The Beast had many songs and faces and his favorite masquerade was the bleat and skin of the Lamb, but he smelled of the Old Goat that sucks his own. And every now and then the Old Goat would catch Pali and make him eat from the Pretentious Platter…And Rassie would razz Pali to no end for the taste was very bitter and the song never made any sense and they both knew it.

When Pali and Rassie were growing to become young men, the High Priest of Babylon prepared the Feast of Fools to persuade the young and innocent to trade their souls for all the worldly treasures and riches that man would ever make with his hands. And the pressure was heavy from some of Pali’s family to eat of the Platter but Rassie turned every which way he could to guide Pali from temptation. And when the Old Goat…who was dressed in the Lambskin and bleating the bleat…came close, he stank of his past, the stink of death and sorrow, sin and shame. And when they smelled the sadness, Rassie and Pali ran as fast as their feet would carry them but when Pali stopped to catch his breath the Old Goat caught him and pinched his nose until Pali opened his mouth where he poured the Wine of Indignation down into Pali’s belly and Pali became bitter and slept.

Awakened by the beat from distant drums, Pali opened his eyes but he could not see. He listened but he could not hear, he touched but could not feel. And he knew something was missing; it was Rassie his Spirit and Soul who had shadowed him all his days to show in the way. And Pali was sad and lonely for he knew he had lost the best friend he had ever had. And Pali cried and mourned. The tears of time flowed from his cheeks and fell onto the ground, forming a Pool of Mirrors. When the teardrops dried from his eyes, Pali looked into the Pool of Reflections and a face appeared with no form or features…an image of no bounds…it was the I AM…who speaks but has never been seen. And he spoke to Pali saying: Fourteen years ago I sent my Good Shepherd Rassie to show you in the way and you were his flesh and he was your soul. You lived together as one. It is right that you are sad and lonely for to lose your Spirit and Soul is a very great loss indeed. When that Old stinking Goat came marching by, you should have snuggled up next to Rassie and followed him to the pastures and places that stay close to the Gates. The one second you stopped to catch your wind, Old Billy stole you Breath of Life and made you drink from the Fountain of Fornications. Now you must be tried in the Depths of Doom, the broken edges of the Streets of Never and the hot degrees of the Golden Triangle before you shall hear from me again. Times will be tough and the going will be rougher, but for being tempted you must be tested. Go for seven years of doubt and watch the see when it comes to the show and if it smells like a Goat, remember your knows…the gardener, the gatherer, the hunters and fishermen…the builders of necessity and the Life of Eden. And is it not written that you must pass back through the Gates that are guarded by the Flaming Two-edged Sword? That is where all the Past Prophets, Rassie and I also dwell. Upon the paths that you wander look for the ones you know well. It will be they who will show you the Key back to me.

And when the Son broke through the clouds, it dried up the Reflecting Pool and a brilliant Rainbow showed itself, bordering the Highway of Horizons. Pali turned on the rails and roads of King Babylon, searching for the Key and the Good Shepherd Rassie, but smelled the stench of the Old Goat as he followed his knows whichever way they went.


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