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After the Great Civil War, the enslaved and children from the Vessels of Old and the High Plateaus were cast from the master’s gates without name or place and times were exceedingly rogue and rough as they wandered and wondered, searching for the Lands and Spirit of I AM. No longer did they work the dirt nor sow the Cannabis seeds among the fruit trees and gardens but fled to the Streets of Never in King Babylon…but the strong from the Vessels and High Plateaus remembered in dreams of harsh hills and mighty mountains on the Isles of Jah and followed their dreams and found the Lion from the Lost Tribe and the I AM Spirit in the continuum. And once again the the I AM from the Vessels, High Plateaus and Lost Tribe were one…free and united…seeking the Lands of I AM and Rainbow Island.

After the vine had been pulled and the New Wine had withered from the Revolutionists farm fields, the Eighth King of Babylon, the son of the Seventh, had sent his Three Frogs back into the Streets of Never of the New Nation to croak, caw and complain and to sell, tax and trade the replicas of the eleven manners from the Tree of Life to the peoples of the Land of the Free…but still the secret that the I AM ANOINTED before had held so dear…the Twelfth Manner…that the Living Spirit in the Cloud of burnt Cannabis was the Spirit of the Burning Bush that Moses was Anointed of the I AM that I AM and the New Wine that Jesus Christ used to christen into the I AM, the Plant of Renown, the Flaming Two-edged Sword that guards the Gates of Eden, The Dream Tree, The Tree of Enlightenment and of course the Tree of Life that fed and supplied Moses and the Twelve Tribes the Necessities of Life for forty years had still not been revealed because no one could open the books.

And the Anointed and the Dreamers said amongst themselves: The time to reveal this secret shall be when King Babylon the Eighth Beast declares war in the Golden Triangle of the Golden Reed…where the Lamb also found the Tree of Life and Enlightenment in his Circle of Wanderings…and the Golden Reed will call sweetly to the warriors of the Beast and they will flip and slip the seeds of the Tree of Life in their pockets and they will carry the Spirit of the I AM upon their own shores. And when the seeds fall from their pockets don’t they surely grow? The Right time is near and the leaves from the Tree of Life are in every nation for their healing and we know that I AM will be our own. We will know from the whisper in the breeze when to cast this secret into the Waters of Knowledge and the Four Winds. Let us sit back in the mountains of Jah and watch the young Beast devoured before our very I’s.

And in the year the Babe hit sixty, there was word heard from the echoes of the ghettos and the Streets of Never that the Twelfth manner had been revealed…that the living Spirit of the I AM burned from the Cannabis plant to show the ways of the Tree of Life and the Circle of the I AM. And the Beast and the Three Frogs were nervous and worried for they were remnants of the last rats…the preachers, traders and politicians. And when the Three Frogs came close to the Beast they whispered in his ear: Do you hear the ring of the Snake Song slithering in the ghettos of the Streets of Never? Is it not the same tune from the Golden Reed of the Pi I Piper? Let us make sure the vine has been cut and capture the Keepers of the Tree. They shall be kept inside our gates so they cannot tell the I AM seekers about the Spirit in the sweet smoke from the Tree of Life. If this sworn secret is revealed there will be battles and the Lamb has always conquered our beloved…Your Highness.

And when the Beast awoke from these words he too remembered the last licking that he had taken from the Lamb…and at once he became terrified, seeing doomed Kingdoms splash visions of old about his eyeballs. Immediately he knew what must be done; seek and slay the Tree and all its Keepers. At all cost to the Kingdom, the Beast knew this must be done…So he instructed his secret agents and shooters of sharp stones to spread over the lands and bring to him the Keepers of the Tree of Life…And bounties and bargains were offered among the multitudes and slowly the Keepers of the Tree were caught and cooped inside the King’s gates until there were none.

War…war…rumors of war and then there was war…and the Beast was restless and itchy again to fleece so he floated his ships ashore the Golden Triangle to flex his muscles…until they got sore and bruised from the small sticks and stones along the way. And when the soldiers of the Beast went into the Golden Triangle, Sawan’s Golden Reed piped sweet Songs and Dances of Righteousness into the warrior’s tongues and feet to show them how to walk and talk…and the Dragon warriors turned into Butterflies and were happy and glad and refused to fight or follow the Beast for the year. And after the year they were cast upon the shores from which they came to be despised and jeered and ridiculed for the King’s sake, but from their pockets the seeds from the Tree of Life slipped into the cracks and crevices of the King’s domain…Babylon the Great…and grew profusely like days of old, but this time…the Cannabis, the Tree of Life…was used for only one manner…to show who sought the Living Spirit of I AM which dwelt in the burnt blooms and blossoms of the Tree of Life for the healing of the Nations.

And afar off in the Isles and Mountains of Jah the Prophets of the I AM ANOINTED watched and waited as Babylon the Great started to slowly burn from the small sticks and stones and they knew their time was near to reveal the secret. And as they piped they could see a vision. It was the Tree of Life…encircling the Earth…across the Seas from the Golden Triangle in each direction. And the Lamb carried the Tree to the West and the Butterflies carried the Tree to the East meeting upon the lands of Babylon the Great…burning ever so slow. And the Anointed Pipers said to one another: Now is the time to reveal the secret we have hidden so stealthy. Seek the sweet smoke of the Pipers and tell them of the Pi I Spirit of the I AM. Tell them of the good they feel inside but have no wise. It must be us…the I AM ANOINTED to minister to the lost and reveal and relate the secrets of the Tree of Life and Circle of Living. Spread yourself far and wide and sing the Songs of Righteousness and Freedom you know so well. And when your travels are fulfilled a place will be prepared to gather…Look for Jah’s Flag…the Rainbow and we shall meet again.

And when the I AM ANOINTED from the Vessels of Old and I AM ANOINTED from the High Plateaus and the I AM ANOINTED from the Lost Tribe left the Mountains of Jah they were of all colors and tongues and the I AM Spirit spread stories and spoke tongues on all the Streets of Never in King Babylon. And there was a great Wail in the belly of the Wailers and the children listened and danced to the Songs of Righteousness and Freedom but understood not the words for it was unwritten. And as they wondered they wandered…fleeing from King Babylon’s bounty and the Streets of Never…searching for the Lands of I AM seen in their dreams and visions and Rainbow Island.



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