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On the table of the Last Supper were the holy challis, the stone, the sop, the dish of water and the New Wine. And when Jesus Christ removed the ash from the cup, he put the sop in the dish of water and said: Today I am troubled in the Spirit, for one of you shall betray me…Then the disciples looked at one another, wondering what had been said. And when they asked JSC who it would be, he answered: He whom I shall give the cup.

And when JSC put the stone back in the challis and filled it with the New Wine from Judas’ bag, he dipped the sop from the dish and wrapped the holy cup. When the flame appeared on the cup, JSC exhaled and passed the smoking cone to Judas, who did drink and the Spirit from the New Wine entered his body. Then Jesus told Judas privately: What you must do, make it quick… Having taken the cup and his bag, Judas left immediately to do what had to be done…His reward for the kiss of death…thirty pieces of silver…used to buy a potters plot. When guilt had devoured Judas and he had hung himself, he was buried in his field along with all the other snitches and strangers of the land, known still today as the Field of Blood.

Know this…Cannabis, the New Wine is a two-edged sword that will show you good or bad. If you partake, do so in remembrance of Jesus Christ as he asks at the Last Supper. Let the flaming two-edged sword show you the right path back through the gates of Eden…remember Judas…just because he had a bag of New Wine didn’t mean anything except he had a bag of cannabis…Anyone could have a bag.



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