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The Fountain of Youth, O’ Ponce de Leon was before your eyes but you let it slip away. You already knew when you left for the New World that The I AM ANOINTED had previously staked its claim in the Caribbean when the slave traders had conquered the high plateaus of Ethiopia and once again carried the children of the I AM CHRISTENED as captives to the New Babylon and that the I AM spirit dwelt among certain men of Africa, who soon found the cannabis communion with the natural natives of the lands. And when the cannabis burning bush was known to the ones who could see, the word spread far and wide about the Fountain of Youth, for it dimmed not the eye nor was the spirit of the I and I diminished from their hearts. The cannabis showed them the spirit in the ganga is ageless, with man since creation.

And when the holy challis would touch their lips and the spirit of the I AM entered their bodies, they could see all the ganga men and I AM prophets who had suffered for right causes in their eyes, and they knew these souls in their hearts as if time had but one day and they could see the new prophets and ganga men in the generations to come and the I AM spirit was ageless.

And for those who wonder…before you consumed cannabis, the burning bush, did you have spiritual direction or hearsay from the Three Frogs? And when the I AM spirit was within you a mirror did appear, showing you yourself, for the I and I would not let you rest. And were your soul disturbed and your ears hurt from the words of the preacher man? The bitterness in your mouth, was it not from the lies force-fed to you from their platter? But when the holy cup turned you around and pointed you in the direction of your spirit, did you pass over from old to new? When your old life was let go and the new you sought after was of youth and eternity, was their age in the community of the known? No, only new brides coming as children, who would not drink from their past because it would make them in their old ways and loved the new because every day was young in their spirit and their time never ended, for it was ageless, from the first forever, for the end shall never appear nor will the I AM spirit ever leave those who choose.

And the last age I remember before I passed over was twenty and today I feel and act twenty, but many of generations have manifested before my eyes and the prepared places still appear and the Fountain of Youth still flows to the ones who seek the consecrated cannabis communion…

Ponce de Leon I want to thank you for your feelings and your time…it was you who put me on the find. You were a victim and didn’t know it…you searched for what now is a crime…You braved the big, bad, blue Oceans looking for Jesus and the New Wine…You know I admire your freedom…you’re an American hero to me…I can still see you sailing…away without the Ganga Tree.



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