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A long, long time ago…before Know Us Ark… a Good Shepherd was born in the Lands of I AM and he was the shine in his Father’s and Mother’s I’s. And all the lands they dwelt were Holy. When the son was full and grown the Father gave to him two Lambs, male and female, to follow upon his travels of the Earth and Seas and to multiply and increase. The Good Shepherd roamed the Lands of I AM with the comforting cloud by day and the pillar of light by night showing him the I AM and the ways of the Tree of Life and he increased.

And when he found his flocks too many to follow he desired a Love Woman who would live with him, help him with the flocks, comfort him and be his equal and enjoy the good life that he lived…So he waited and he watched, looking for the Dance that went with the Song that he knew as he wandered after his flocks on the plains and meadows of his days.

One day a great wind blew from all directions in the Land of I AM as a blood red sun set a flaming horizon on fire and there…dancing in silhouettes were Mother Earth and her Love Daughter, dancing to the Song that the Good Shepherd had patiently listened…And as they joined and Danced the Dance and Sang the Songs of Righteousness and Freedom they both knew they were married in the first marriage and they were made whole.

Dancing and Singing and following the Lambs the Good Shepherd and Love Woman lived and multiplied and their Gardens were full and their flocks wandered far and wide, growing with time and once again the Good Shepherd had many more flocks and gardens than he could tend.

The Good Shepherd…being a right and just man…worried of wasting his natural increase and dreamed dreams. And in his dreams he found the Lambs and pleaded with them to stop growing but they never looked up from the Earth as they grazed about their days, for they could not hear the songs he was singing. When he turned to the other flocks as they drank from the waters, they could not feel the familiar songs from the Good Shepherd’s heart so they drank. Around the Gardens the Good Shepherd walked, begging the seeds and trees to withhold their abundance, but they bloomed in due time, and the bee danced at the door of the hive of honey, for the taste of the song was unusual from the Good Shepherd. And in all the lands of his dreams, not one would listen to his song…so he slept.

In the morning when the Good Shepherd awoke from his dream, he was bothered and troublesome by the dream. And when the Love Woman tried to comfort him and enjoy the Jah of I AM she too could see the concern so she asks of the look and he tells her the dream. And when he was done and the dream was known the Love Woman smiled and said to the Good Man: To worry over such dreams I give you respect, but to ask the flocks not to multiply and the seeds and trees not to bring forth fruit is to take away from me and Mother Earth our natural increase and that shall never happen…Do you remember in your days of lonesome wandering the solution to your problem? Did you not seek and find? Let us gather our fruits and flocks and find the place where the four winds blow from every direction and the sun sets red upon flaming sunsets. That is also where Mother Earth and my Seven Sisters dwell, dancing, waiting for a Good Shepherd like you to sing and dance as we have sang and danced. And if you ask them to come and help and wander with us after the flocks, they too shall live as we have lived, for they are also married in the first marriage to the Lamb. You know it is said that there are Seven Love Women for every Good Shepherd on Earth. Now go and make them whole as we are whole for we are all one.

And the Good Shepherd understood the Love Woman. They gathered their fruits and flocks and put their faces to the wind and wandered from which it came, following the Lambs, the Pillar and Cloud, searching for the Son of Blood, Mother Earth, and the Seven Sisters, dancing and singing the Songs of Righteousness across the Lands of the I AM.



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