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And on the highest of the seven hills sat the Temple of Babylon with the harlot and the beast in the midst doing business with the Three Frogs…the preachers, traders and politicians…buying and selling and trading all inequities to mankind, to give fall forever and ever.

And with a cross the Lamb appeared to do battle with the beast and the harlot at the known place and time of Anointment. And there were troubles in the seven hills, especially the highest. The beast lay restless and itchy from the entire fleece and the harlot could not sleep because none of the kings of the world would come close, but stayed away on far, distant oceans and lands, watching the Lamb preparing for battle with the beast and harlot…and the place and time were for those who could see.

And there were battles and the Lamb and the I AM CHRISTENED spirit slay the beast with the flaming two-edged sword that guards the Gates of Eden. The harlot drowned in her known pool of inequities and injustices along with all the lenders and sellers, preachers and political leaders who worked in the Temple of Babylon…Once again they were driven from the highest holy temple of the I AM…the temple that is untouched with no walls, steps or paths and resurrected in the three days of resurrection…today, tomorrow and the next day. And all the simple, common, content and aware stayed in the hills and the Highest Temple in Eden.



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