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By the waters of knowledge the multitudes had killed Emmanuel, a.k.a. Jesus Christ and the Apostles and the other followers in the way of ja sus crist…I AM ANOINTED, the few remaining survivors separated themselves from the scribes, Pharisees and the Romans throughout all the Earth and Seas and sought refuge as strangers in strange lands, guided by the light by night and the cloud by day and the I AM showed them their ways and days to be content.

And some went south, following the River Jordan to the Red Sea, along the shores to the tip of the Great Ocean and dwelt on the High Plateaus. Some went north, sailing the Green Sea to its far rocks and isles, journeying in the temperate of hot and cold, wet and dry, dwelling in their Vessels of Old, to and from places for generations, keeping the I AM spirit sealed in their hearts, minds and souls.

On one of the Vessels of Old sailed a mathematical musician who played with the whole part of the Circle of Life and piped tunes from his Golden Reed that was filled with cannabosom…the leaves and blossoms from the Tree of Life, for the Songs and Dance of Righteousness could always be found inside the smoke from the holy challis. And from his worldly travels he knew the distance outside the Circle of Life was over three times farther and harder than if you went straight through the middle from side to side and the center being the I AM that you know. And all the days he stayed inside the Circle, the Pi was by his side and his I in the center of his universe but the Song of Songs and the Dance of Dances flowed when the Golden Reed filled with the blooms of the Tree of Life was piped and the spirit inside the cloud consumed the soul of the I and I.

Upon the lands and seas of the beast…King Babylon…news of a great rat invasion ranged far and wide about plagues and sickness and death dominated over the King’s realm…but not on the High Plateaus or the Vessels of Old…for they had consecrated Cannabis and the I AM ANOINTED to show them in their ways of days.

When the reward of rewards was offered to anyone who could rid King Babylon the Seventh of the infestations and pestilences that had destroyed his Kingdom, the Pi I Piper sailed closer to shore, for he greatly desired the reward of the King, who offered anything in the kingdom to the one who could make the rats and infections and death disappear. When the Piper looked and seen the roots of evil from past generations he knew they were from the outside of the Circle and ignorance of the Tree of Life.

One sunny day the Piper appeared before the King, asking of the reward and the King said: Take whatever you please as long as you take all the rats that have caused me great grief and destroyed my Kingdom before my very eyes. If it is you who can rid me of these pests, your wish is in my hand…Then the Piper looked the King in the eyeballs and said: What you wish for shall be done, for I have seen these infiltrations of vermin before in the generations from the four sided triangle. Let the rats be loosed one more night, it will be their last. I will return in the morning and drive them from this Kingdom forever and ever.

As the sun rose on the Island of Fog, the Piper danced in the long shadows of dawn with the I AM, singing Songs of Freedom in honor of past Prophets who had showed him the Circle and Tree of Life and he was assured another day would play as it passed by him. And when the light flamed from the Golden Reed, a shrill sound that had never before been heard slithered from the holy challis and snaked through the streets of King Babylon. It was the Pi I Piper, blowing songs from his pipe…Songs of Life, Songs of Truth and Love and Songs of the I AM. And he piped long and loud, higher and higher until all the rats…who were the preachers, traders and politicians abandoned the Kingdom, jumping from the high places and drowning in the low. For them it was better to be dead than hear the Song of Songs ringing in their ears, and they were dead-dead, but the Piper knew the biggest rat was yet in the Kingdom.

the piper

And when the King had seen what had been done, he was lonely, for he missed the rats, who were his only friends. Being a warrior, he laid plans of revenge for the Piper who would come in the morning to receive his reward.

As the next day dawned the Piper danced with the Son in his I’s and he could see far, faraway places and there was the King of Rats preparing for battle, changing into the beast as he was commonly known. Then the Piper returned to the Vessels of Old, finding the wool of the Lamb that had been kept from generation to generation in his Treasure Chest. And when he put the Lambskin on he found it like armor and his Golden Reed turned into a sharp, flaming two-edged sword that burned and turned every which way from within for battle.

On the final field of battle the Lamb and the beast knew each other as the Pi I Piper and the King Rat. And as they fought, the smoke from the flaming two-edged sword surrounded the King Rat, blinding and choking the life from his soul. And before the Lamb, on the Lands of I AM, laid the beast, panting and puffing and crying out: Your wish, your wish, anything in the Kingdom, whatever, it is all for the asking…remember?

And the Lamb replied: Indeed, indeed, so it is so. For what I wished for in the beginning is what I fought for until the end. To serve your head on the same platter that you also served the head of my brother John the Baptist…And a mighty wind blew the sharp, flaming two-edged sword swiftly about the head of the King Rat and the head of Babylon finally fell upon the platter for all to see.

And when the Lamb returned to the Pi I Piper, the Piper played his Golden Reed and all the children of the Kingdom gathered in the highest temple of the Highest Hamlet and learned all the Songs and Dances of Righteousness for their generations. The Piper once again sailed on the Vessels of Old with the Sailor Boy, journeying the temperate of the Earth and Seas, dwelling on the Ocean from place to place, generation to generation, keeping the Pi I spirit of the I AM ANOINTED in his heart, soul and mind…his Chest of Treasures. And occasionally when the wind is in the right direction he will visit the I AM of the High Plateaus, sharing stories and times of life along the road to the Mountain of Mountains…Mount Jah.



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