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And as we already know…without the name, number or mark in our minds we can’t buy nor sell anything. And does not all in King Babylon have his own number in his head?

And when fixed winged butterflies mooned old Arabian Knights, the beast showed mighty images in the seas, skies and lands to scare the inhabitants of the world, but the I AM ANOINTED knows what will pass and what will be forevermore.

And the beast was nurtured strong by the mother of harlots and all the abominations that have been created from the city that sets on seven hills. And the harlot committed and commuted adultery with all the Kings of the world and with her wine she made them drink fornications to the I AM and what is real.

And when the beast was full and grown, the beast would carry the harlot unto all the places on the Earth and in the skies, spreading abominations and lies among Kings and those who ruled the nations of the world, for the beast was great and showed much strength over the ones who had the mark. And the marked bought and sold with the harlot, for she had all the worldly treasures in her bosom.

And the beast persecuted and crucified all the holy and just, for they had not the mark in their foreheads, but they sang the Songs of Righteousness and danced the Dance of Life. And they would not drink, lie or lay with the harlot but prepared a place according to the Spirit of the I AM and waited. And with patience and love they still wait. The time is right…the leaves from the Tree of Life are in every nation for their healing and the Keepers of the Tree bring the sacrament to the mass and the Pipers pipe their Songs of Freedom.

And 666 is just a number…not mine…not yours…but theirs…the Beast, the Harlot and the Kings of Babylon.



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