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And after the Romans and Jews had persecuted and crucified Emmanuel…a.k.a. ja sus crist…JSC…I AM CHRISTENED…Jesus Christ…and had stoned and assassinated the few remaining disciples, the temple was razed and the faithful flocks were scattered far and wide by the Romans who enslaved the bunch and took them to the far outposts of their Empire but the remaining inhabitants of the land who didn’t worship at the temple and who weren’t cast away into slavery still participated daily in the burnt sacrament and the cup and sop ritual, for the spirit of the I AM is a mighty inclusive spirit, willing to anoint those who sought after the sweet smoke of the Piper because to anoint meant continuum of the spirit regardless of whoever partook in the consecrated cannabis communion. And the I AM message of JSC the messenger still comforted and justified those who enjoyed the sanctity and continuance of the message…live today, tomorrow and the next day…forget the past, forgive and forget those whom seek judgment…live in your forgiveness…arc the covenant of generations who have been baptized by the fire and smoke of the burning bush. And the inhabitants continued their simple lives in all the lands that JSC had dwelt and had brought the living back from the dead.

And the Pipers piped and the Spirit of the I AM ANOINTED of JSC spread across the lands and waters, far and wide for three hundred years after his death and found strength in the belly of the lands of the beast that had cast the temple seekers into bondage. And the Romans were long time worshippers of the pagan…myths and fables, ghosts and idols, stars and signs of the skies, sacrifices and rituals. And as the inhabitants of Rome became wise to the formalities of the ceremonies they tired of the ongoing rituals and rites of their demigods, compared to the simplicity of the I AM ANOINTED ritual of anointment, forgiveness and charity without sacrifice or loss of equality. And through the anointment christening the I AM congregation was spreading the gospel and ease of JSC and the simple, common Romans in the Empire liked the word…and there were uprisings and protests and demonstrations against the Empire and the almighty Emperor Constantine knew that something great, not necessarily pleasant, was going on in his domain. And when he conferred with his misers and magicians, captains and lieutenants he realized if something was not done the Empire would be in peril, for the I AMist in Rome and throughout the Mediterranean were putting the pressure on the mythology and traditions from the past.

And when the sages and the scholars related to the Emperor the cause of these problems, he was told that the gospel of Jesus Christ…was based on the Life of Emmanuel, whose spirit had transformed into the…ja sus crist…I AM ANOINTED, and any of those who partook in the sanctity of the burnt cannabis sacrament were also empowered in the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY and it was spreading and speeding across the lands. So he understood the only way to combat this festering of a problem was to control the problem…let us make it our own…gather up some of the Pharisees and Sadducees and some of the scholars, magi and sorcerers from Rome and the East and we will create a new religion that both sides can relate… And so in Nicaea… it was done…in the year 325 A.D…a great gathering of the upper crust of Synodia were brought together by Hosius to please the Emperor and cop and corral the greatness of the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY into their own little fairy tale with confirming dogma from Emmanuel’s historical upbringing to give credence and Roman mythology to give mystery…

But the Ganga-wise were always vigilant in the I AM and they realized the spirit in the Cannabis burning bush which made men talk in their own tongues of the greatness of the I AM could not be compromised nor the feeling, the Holy Spirit that was received upon Baptism by Fire, could not be substituted…And this was a great problem…for if the I AMist were allowed to burn the Cannabis sacrament communion and talk the talk, they would not give tribute nor salutations, or tax, nor pay homage to the Empire…for the Spirit in the Cannabis is a messenger of the I AM and the message…You are the one greatness within!!!...This same situation had brought down the Temple in Jerusalem when the Pharisees and Sadducees had denied the inhabitants their Cannabis sacrament and the rite of passage into Eden and Heaven without their consent and conformation…what a joke…

So when Constantine asked what could be done to alleviate this problem, the synod’s answer was…you must banish the Burning Bush sacrament of the I AM ANOINTED of Moses…a.k.a. the New Wine of Jesus Christ…the I AM ANOINTED out of the all the books and forever prohibit the knowledge that Cannabis…a.k.a. the New Wine, the Tree of Life, the Tree of Enlightenment, the Plant of Renown, the Dream Tree, the Cloud by Day, the Fire by Night and the other references that shows that Cannabis…the Flaming Two-edged Sword that you must pass through that guards all the gates back to Gardens of Eden…You must replace the Cannabis…also to be known as….marijuana… with alcoholic wines and intoxicating drinks…to make them stupid in the drunkenness and controllable in their sorrow for the sins that they commit while inebriated….You must also put some Roman pagan mythology back into the scriptures…you know something so majestically unbelievable you wouldn’t believe unless you were drunken or blinded by faith or coerced by the sword…something so bizarre…like walking across water, or an immaculate conception or rising from the dead…you know…something only the faithful fanatics and the heretics would believe and not ask questions, but not the I AM Ganga men, for they ask all kinds of questions and they are as wise to the situation as Emmanuel himself…they must be persecuted as witches and sorcerers or else this new creed will fail.

After hearing the conclusions and remedies the Emperor agreed with the synods but with two conditions…he would choose the books for the Bible and all of his Pedites…his generals, captains and lieutenants would be made the high priests, bishops and cardinals for he still controlled their minds and manners…but he didn’t consider the fact…or maybe he did…that all the Roman soldiers throughout their historical ranks had celebrated their victories with open and public acts of sodomy with the male slaves and captives in the Coliseum…henceforth a possible pederasty continuum.

And all the scholars and leaders who had assembled at Nicaea agreed to the Conspiracy of Delusions…a.k.a. the Nicaea Nod…still until this day…and so the decree and doctrine went out on all the lands of the Empire, spreading the First Beast of Babylon’s magnified misconceptions, mythologies and mysteries to the drunken multitudes of the Mass and the emperor’s armies searched and scorched the land looking for the Cannabis, the I AM ANOINTED and the I AMist. And when the prosecutors of the Roman-Judah conspiracy pushed and pulled their way across the Empire they soon met resistance in the sands and jungles from the lands and peoples that abutted the Empire…The relatives of the remnants of the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY who lived in Palestine and understood the ja sus crist…I AM ANOINTED doctrine of Jesus Christ also rebelled and rose up against the Roman-Judah conspiracy. They refused to drink alcohol or eat the pig or read the dogma; they snubbed the Emperor his salutations and taxes…a king from faraway lands telling them about their Abraham blood-lined brother, Emmanuel and that the drink of Jesus Christ was alcohol. They laughed in their tents for thousands of nights, rolling on their carpets, mocking the drunks who wore the clown costumes and sought each other’s pleasures when the lights went out in the ways of the past centurions...but when the Emperor heard the Arabian Chuckle, he sent his legions looking for the lampooners…for he had read about the Monkey and the Man long ago and he feared the Lion from the Lost Tribe.

Rumors of war and then there were wars and the Emperor and his Crusaders returned to lands of the ANOINTED time and again…seeking the Cannabis, the Keepers of the Tree of Life, the I AM ANOINTED and the I AMist and each time they retreated back to their own spiritual prisons and dungeons with less men and weaken desires for the I AM ANOINTED is a mighty, unwearied spirit that shows the colors of the crown…green, gold and red and all those that conspire and collaborate against the throne shall be destroyed and eventually disappear…so the Emperor and his Peonage, who rode on each other and only allowed entrance into hell and purgatory to their followers…for that is all they had ever known but never into Heaven or Eden…because to them it was unknown how to pass through the flaming two-edged sword that guarded the gates of Eden…were prohibited from the lands of Eden, the I AM ANOINTED and JSC. They didn’t take the consecrated Cannabis communion, but swilled the wine and ate the swine and denied themselves the right to the Tree of Life along the River of Paradise.

And when the followers of Saladin and the bold and brave recaptured the Holy Lands and expelled the Beast to from wherever they came, the I AM ANOINTED returned to the Land of I AM…ja sus crist…Jesus Christ…and the generations of the I AM….but in his Kingdom, the Anti-Christ Beast continues his conspiracy against the Cannabis, the Keepers of the Tree and the Enlightened Anointed still to this day…trying to guard the secrets of the Nicaea Nod…that have just been revealed…and hearing the Lion’s roar…knowing the time is near when all mankind shall have the right to the Consecrated Cannabis Anointment and the feeling of equality and continuum of the I AM…The Message of the Messenger.



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