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In days bygone…when all the Earth and Sea and Sky were made manifest and before the I AM Spirit consumed the flesh, man dwelt in and amongst the animals and beasts, thickets and wilds upon all the Lands of I AM. And in one of the lands waters flowed clear and clean from the Fountain of Youth, forming the River of Paradise that moseyed and meandered through the hills and valleys, meadows and plains to the Seas and Oceans, giving rain and clouds, rainbows and life on Earth. On the Right side of the River of Paradise grew the Tree of Life and on the other side the Tree of Knowledge.

Life went out on the lands and waters for a time and again and the plants and animals, fish and fowl were without names but knew each other as each. And the monkey and the man dwelt in the tops of the Tree of Knowledge, picking the fruits and seeds from the blooms and buds, occasionally throwing some of the fruit at the life that lived on the lands. And the critters ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, but there was never enough because man and the monkey didn’t want them to know too much. So the animals stayed in the shade of the Tree of Knowledge waiting to be tossed the bits and pieces of scrap except for one, The Lion from the Lost Tribe of I AM. He refused to eat of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, but lived under the Tree of Life, eating the small seeds that fell to the Earth and the Lion slept on the sticks, leaves and twigs from the Tree of Life…for the sleep was sound and the dreams pleasant.

And all the days the Lion was the Keeper of the Tree of Life he generously offered the buds and blooms from the Tree of Life to the creatures to heal them from their wounds of what they knew. Arrogantly they refused to take the blossoms and leaves but begged and borrowed for the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, slowly starving the life they had once known from their hearts and minds for they had lost their soul.

There was much sadness and shame upon the Earth in those days because the creatures lived but were not alive and the monkey and the man had much fruit, casting the cores and skins to the multitudes of masses. When the animals and critters went to drink and bathe in the River of Paradise all the sadness and shame that was showing washed off around the crooks and curves, rapids and falls to the Oceans and Seas and brewed. And from the brew no mist or fog, rain or clouds would form and the waters dried up from the face of the Earth…except for a small trickle from the Fountain of Youth. And it formed the Reflecting Pool at the base of the Tree of Life to give show and drink to the Lion from the Lost Tribe of I AM…Vigilant and obedient Keeper of the Tree of Life.

In the dust from the winds, word was heard of the Pool and all the wildlife came from their lands to drink and lay in the Pond, but when they came close, the Lion let out a mighty roar that made them shake and quiver and none wanted to go near for fear so they stayed out and looked in and when the Lion heard them hymn’n and haw’n, crying for the sweet waters under the Tree of Life he sat up on his haunches and began to purr: In days of abundance and times were full I daily offered to you the leaves from the Tree of Life and when you tasted them they were sweet in your mouth but bitter in your belly so you refused to eat them again but laid under the other Tree and ate the sweet fruits. And it was ripe on your tongues but spoiled in your belly and caused you to stink and smell of shame and sorrow in which you showed. Then you washed off in the River of Paradise and caused all the Earth to be desolate of life except for this small Pool and Fountain which is still clean and clear. Now you want to wade in these waters and cause this Oasis to wither away shall never happen, but if you take these leaves and eat them and heal you of your known past, shame shall no longer linger on your lips and legs and you will be clean to once again to wade in the waters and cause the river to overflow from cleanliness to the Seven Seas, causing rain and winds and rainbows to wander aimlessly to and fro, back and again upon the Seas and the face of the Earth and the Lands of I AM…come and eat.

So all the animals and creatures, bugs and beasts ate the leaves from the Tree of Life and at once were clean and thirsty for the Waters of the River and the Tree of Life. When they were full they drank from the Fountain of Youth and the River of Paradise grew and grew, flooding the flatlands and the lowlands and life once again flourished upon the Earth in full glory, but in the tops of the Tree of Knowledge the monkey and the man dwelt, eating the fruit, seeking knowledge of their past and wise, shame and sadness, jealously and greed.

Good times were upon the Soils and Seas and the creatures of creation ate the leaves from the Tree of Life and drank from the Fountain of Youth, floating the River of Paradise to the all the Oases in the Lands of I AM, multiply far and wide, living in the happiness of the moment…never their past and once again life was for all to enjoy…except the monkey and the man. They stayed in their Tree, thinking they were higher and wiser than the life on Earth because they ate from the Tree of Knowledge.

When the knowing refused to eat the fruits of their past, the monkey and the man had much abundance, but being a greedy and jealous lot they piled and stocked all the fruit from their Tree in the tree’s trunk where it spoiled and rotted and started to ferment. And when it finished distilling, the monkey and the man drank and drank, becoming drunk, more drunken than had ever been seen before, falling from the high limbs and falling to the ground on all fours. And when they moved they mocked and mimed all the creatures on Earth, showing all their foolishness and stupidity for all to see. And great laughter and chuckling was heard in the Four Winds, echoing in the canyons and corners of the Earth. When the monkey and man had caricaturized and lampooned many they slept and had dreams.

In the vision the monkey was picked up by the Lion as a mother to a kitten and carried to the far jungles of the Tropics. When they were where they were going, the Lion laid the monkey down gently and then whispered in his ear trying not to wake him and hissed: Mocker of many, master of none, you dwell well in the tops of trees equally as well from the depths of the dirt. For this you shall be the pleasure and joy of all those on Earth who need a laugh and chuckle. And all your days only oo, ee and ah shall screech out of your mouth to mock what you see and make laughter and joy to the hearts of the happy. But you shall never screech I…the I you never knew…because you never ate from the Tree of the I AM. And when he awoke in the morning he was where he dreamed, in every tree but the Tree of Life and he stayed far away from the Tree Of Knowledge.

In the dreams of the man, the Lion from the Lost Tribe of I AM carried the man outside the farthest Gates of the Garden, far from the River of Paradise and the Fountain of Youth, and the man was cold and lonely so the Lion talked to him for the first time ever and spoke to him in all the tongues that would ever be heard in the wind and bellowed: Listen up close…fool…and don’t be slow. You wanted knowledge and everything to know, now go upon the face of the Earth and give names to all the animals and plants, birds and bugs and the fish and fowl that you mocked so well. And when you are finished and want to return to the Gardens and River of Paradise, seek the Diamond I of the Wizard of Wise to find your way back.

So in his dreams the man started walking and talking, giving names to all the creatures and plants of creation until they were all known, then searching for the Diamond I and found it on the sticks and seeds, twigs and leaves on the bed of the Lion under the Tree of Life. In the morning when the sun rose, prismatic rays of light reflected from the Diamond I, causing smoke and flame and in the cloud was a Spirit that consumed the man and made him talk in tongues and words of the Spirit that consumed the flesh of man and separated him from all the other creatures to tell this story.

As the dawn’s dusky shadows lingered about the man, he awoke, still under the Tree of Knowledge but outside of the Gardens, talking in tongues, full of Spirit, naming names to everything that needed named, remembering the dream, the River of Paradise and the Tree of Life.

And seeing the man on the other side of the River, the Lion echoed out: Let it be known in all your generations about the story of the monkey and the man and how you revealed who you really were when you drank the wine and whiskey and hard spirits from the Tree of Knowledge and pantomimed all the Living of a graceful life. If you could have seen yourself, you would understand why we all cackled and chuckled, rocked and rolled until we split our sides in laughter. And you were good, almost as good as the lives you imitated. And it shall always be in the Lands of I AM that you were once…almost as good as the blissful Creatures of the Earth. And when you find your Diamond I of the Wizard of Wise you will finally find out you could only be as good as your equal.



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