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It had been over three hundred years since the conspiracy and murder and death of Emmanuel of Nazareth…a.k.a…Jesus Christ…ja sus crist…I AM ANOINTED, son of Joseph and Mary, husband of Mary Magdalene, father of Jamari and brother of James. At birth, Jamari had been godfathered to one of Joseph’s and Emmanuel’s best friends, the Pi I Piper, the Man of Multiplication, who sailed the Seven Seas on his sloop...the Mist. And as they navigated the nautical miles seeking the ports of story, they heard rumors in the breeze about an assembly concerning the I AM ANOINTED MINISTRY that Jamari’s Dad had re-founded many decades ago, so they sailed into the headwinds of a strong storm and ended up in a placid freshwater lake, bounded by high mountains and fertile fields at the Port of Nicaea…pronounced…nai-si-a.

It seems the great emperor Constantine had an ongoing problematic situation that had his domain on the verge of civil war concerning the Christians, the new faith based religion that included more than half of the Roman citizenship who had already converted. Original I AM Christianity was an easy faith, based upon Anointment, Forgiveness and Charity with no illusions or icons, no specific days of worship or sacrifice and inclusion and equality for all. Compared to the pagan Roman mythology of sacrifice and idols, rites and rituals, separation and division, the Christian-based faith were most desirable. But the main division and disagreement between the different groups of clergymen was regarding the followers of the doctrines of Peter or Paul; Peter whose doctrine was of the old Mosaic custom or Paul’s, whose doctrine came from the revised and comprehensive teachings of Emmanuel. Constantine, being a shrewd mediator and manipulator, a worshipper of the Pagan, didn’t really care what faith or beliefs the citizens of the Roman Empire worshipped and deified, as long as they could settle their disputes and end the restlessness in his Kingdom.

So in the year of 325 A.D., Constantine the Great called to his caste and ordered them to bring the church front-runners and their minions to Nicaea to create a new Christian doctrine and dogma to appease both sides and bring peace and harmony within his borders. And when the Piper and Jamari heard about the planned agenda and its whereabouts they sailed close to shore and slipped into a small bay, a Cove of Covenants, where a childhood friend of the Piper’s lived whom he had rejoined in his earlier voyages to and fro. And when the Piper and Jamari landed ashore they were met by Green-Gol’ Redd, a life time associate of the Piper who had sailed together long ago in the temperate of the Earth to the far edges of the Oceans and back again. And being old and comfortable amigos and compadres, the Piper and Redd wept and smiled, cried and laughed, oohed and awed in disbelieve as they remembered and reminisced about past times and good friends they had lost along the way. It had been thousands of generations since they were separated by the perfect storm that had washed Green-Gol’ off the Mist and left Piper afloat and alone. It was the birth of Emmanuel who had reunited them by chance as they chased the Star of Jah and encountered in Bethlehem. Now they were unified once again and eager to attend the symposium’s synod.

Disguised as invited musicians from the Mediterranean, the Piper and Green-Gol’ Redd with Jamari as an assistant, entered the gates of Orchan and wandered aimlessly amongst the ecclesiastics and ministers, playing the reeds, horns and flutes but listening to the assemblage’s suggestions and recommendations, proposals and propositions as the clerics angled and schemed their slanted ideologies and prejudiced creed’s acceptance and consensus. And after several weeks of wine and whiskey sacrament and drunken and disorderly discourse the chairman of the committee…Hosius…introduced the first draft and first decree which stated:…First and foremost…we need to banish all the Consecrated Cannabis Communion and the Keepers of the Tree of Life from the Earth for in them is the real, live, uncontrollable Spirit of the I AM…the true, the one and only…Jesus Christ. Next we need an Empire-wide day to celebrate the death and rise of Emmanuel, make it on a Sunday…call it Easter. We need a resurrection after death and immaculate conception before birth, a God outside the body, Heaven after death, a cloak and hat, a book and dogma, a purgatory and hell, a devil and Satan, alcoholic wine and wheat wafers, a hierarchy without equality, recourse or question, icons and idols, tangible tithes, only gold and silver, diamonds and jewels, land and inheritances will be accepted and a Deity in the form of a man named Jesus Christ after the I AM CHRISTENED crusade he had created…And the participants and partakers sighed and nodded as they agreed to the statutes and decrees that consented to their twisted system of structures. And when Constantine listened to the synopsis of plans and pitches he asked to see a personal acceptance, so when every point of the decree was disclosed, each and every member of the Synod nodded in favor and the affirmation was known as the Nicaea Nod, still to this day.

And when Jamari heard those vile and revolting words and verdicts come from the mouths of the cluster of compromising conformists he at once put down his flute and pushed his way up to the podium and introduced himself before he began to rant and rave to the bewildered and kinked conventioneers: In days gone by and you were a first new born in the ways of my Father, Jesus of Nazareth, who loved and cherished the peaceful and poor. You had forgiveness on your lips and charity on your fingertips as you mingled with the good people you would meet along the way and you grew and flourished in his doctrine but now as you have matured into the trusted voice of the public masses you are showing privately the seven deadly sins that you really cherish amongst your prejudiced peers; pride, lust, envy, greed, gluttony, sloth and wrath. Can you tell me what part of this is the doctrine of my Dad? Is it the forgiveness part or the charity part? Now all I hear is venom and poisonousness bigotries, dissensions, intolerances, jealousies and persecutions babble from your forked tongues as you position your post for condolences and congratulatory pats on the back from the collaborating criminals of this commission. You all known that the Cannabis is and was and will be forever the Anointment that my Father used to baptize his flocks. Now you want to replace the Holy Anointing oils and burnt sacrament with the alcoholic drinks that you have been accustomed? And was it not on the well documented full moon after the spring equinox that you murdered my Father. Is that an easy day to forget?…I think not…I think you want to hide these facts as you yourself hide from the I and I Spirit that is in each and every one of you when you think of my Father. And have you found a hiding spot yet…No…only in your inebriated state do you forget what you have done and keep doing. And to justify your actions you want to administer this drunken ritual on the innocent and unsuspecting multitudes as if you are one with my Father. What a joke…You are one with the opposite of my Father…an Anti-Christ for sure. You know he said not to take a book or script, hat or cloak, but now you petition the Emperor with your out-of-date dogma and you are all dressed in the clothes of the jesters and clowns that we see in the bizarre bazaars of the world. Remember the temple that he tore down and resurrected in three days? It had no walls, steps or paths but yet you seek the ease and comforts from the contemporary elements in the high rise temples and towers that you so constantly crow to your constituencies, asking and begging, sometimes inducing or even bribing tangible tithes instead of spreading the Gospel of forgiveness, love, charity, unity, equality, happiness, hope, praise, wisdom and grace…As for the resurrection and reincarnation of the soul, it was always while a person was still alive and aware and able to overcome and Passover into the new life that Dad inspired and encouraged. Just like Heaven is now on Earth. How many lives do you think Lazarus had? The same life every person has but he resurrected and reincarnated many times. Just how was he able to do this? Oh I forgot…magic, sorcery or maybe witchcraft…how enchanting. And the Immaculate Conception…I guess you never knew Grandpa Joe did you…nor Uncle Jimmy or his younger brothers and sisters….And to put my Father, Emmanuel, also known as the CHRISTENED of the I AM ANOINTED on a pedestal is completely appalling and atrocious. He would never agree to any of these terms or decrees of these ungodly and unruly doctrines that you are trying to pass on to the people to govern and control their hearts, minds and souls…don’t you know this shame will always be blamed on you?

And when Jamari was finished with his long-winded diatribes and denunciations a great grumble and growl ascended from the Synod of Nicaea as they gnashed and ground their teeth at the Truths that they heard and understood, throwing rocks and stones and the chalices of their alcoholic sacraments at Jamari as he and Piper and Green-Gol’ Redd raced out of the Gates of Orchan to the Cove of the Covenant and the waiting Mist, sailing to the far Isle of Illyria to escape the rage and wrath of the exposed.

And as they set sail and caught the friendly trade winds of the Seven Seas, Piper smiled at Jamari and said: You did good boy, you tied their tongues tight…we’ll call that the Nicaea Noose…you have been waiting a long time to unwind the lies and untruths that had been twisted and bent about your Father and I AM family legacy. You done well, I don’t think he missed any points, did he Green-Gol’? …Looking up from the rolling tray, Redd grinned as he gave thanks and lit a double papered spliff that ignited from the heavy draught of wind of the weathered sailor. Holding the draw until he turned red in the face and finally exhaling and passing the joint to the Piper, Green-Gol’ said: Jah Love…Jamari, you surprised me. I haven’t heard that kind of rhetoric since I last listened to your Dad lay into the authorities in his final days on this Earth. You’re a chip off the old block. It’s a real pleasure and reward to meet you again and sail the Seven Seas with you and that old tar dressed in them hemp rags…Piper are you ever gonna change them duds or are they skin bound by now? ...Smiling and shrugging his shoulders, holding in the cough, Piper finally exhaled and the blast filled the sails full as the Mist turned her nose full speed ahead into the setting sun of another done day and disappeared into the Mystic.

And when the Conventioneers had caught their breathes after the long chase down to the sea and loosened their tongues with alcoholic saliva and licked their wounds from the smoldering, smothering and scrutinizing scolding that Jamari had delivered, the Nicaea Creed was officially adopted and formalized. And as agreed, Constantine had the final say as to what books would be included in the Bible but finding the writings to many and wordy to choose from he tossed the whole lot on a table and the ones that fell on the floor were burned and the ones that stayed on the table were copied and made into the official books of the Christian Religion, a.k.a. the New Testament. His generals and military officers were appointed bishops and abbots, cardinals and priests of the new faith so he could control and govern the Deity of Dogma Downs. And the Pedites secretly continued the rites and rituals of the old Roman Guard and used sodomy and pederasty for recruitment and enlistments to perpetuate their ranks. Constantine had fifty Bibles printed for the whole expanse of Christendom and his legions of warriors spread across the Empire, building walled fortresses and cathedrals to guard the Bible, the clergy and a safe place for the illiterate masses who believed anything they were told as long as they could stay within the security of the Christian sanctuary…And today…when you hear the long-winded sermons and orations coming from the lips of the devious deceivers of delusions, misconceptions and aberrations from Nicaea and they tell you to bow or nod your head, remember what the Nod really signified.



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