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When the slave traders brought forth the captured Anointed from the High Plateaus to the Isles of Jah, the men of the of I AM found the Cannabis Burning Bush with the Anointed Free that had marooned and escaped the trader’s ships and fled to the dread and wilds on the Mountains of Jah. And on their way to the slave fields the men of the I AM would sow the Cannabis seed amongst the cotton and corn, sweet potatoes and tobacco and the Cannabis flourished and bare the twelve manners of fruit from the Tree of Life and yielded the Necessities of Life every month as they were known.

Wondering why the enslaved who were held in bondage could always be seen smiling, the slave master asked the men from the High Plateaus the wise and wonderment of the plant that grew so profusely and proficient. Cautiously they told him of the eleven manners of fruit; food, rope, wood, cloth, paper, heat, fodder, oil, tea, medicine, and canvas but they told him not of the Living Spirit of the I AM that dwelt in the blooms and blossoms of the Tree of Life, for they were dead afraid that the spiteful slave master would cut the vine and the New Wine would wither away right before their eyes…So the Cannabis and the I AM ANOINTED generations grew steadily in the lands of the New World and the enslaved men and women of the I AM built a new nation from Cannabis products, cotton and tobacco.

And when the King of Babylon seen the ease and joy of the Cannabis plant, he caused a tax to be levied against all the Cannabis that was grown in the New World and the colonist grew exceedingly sore and sassy. How could the King tax a free growing plant of the gardens…a plant the settlers and the enslaved depended upon so dearly? In all the lands came the cries and terror and revolution consumed the land. No longer did the pioneers allow the enslaved Anointed to cast the Cannabis seeds along the paths and edges of the fields and soon the rope and canvas and other manners of the fruit from the Tree of Life could no longer be found and the King was considerably Irate.

So with revenge in his mouth and deceit in his eyes, the King ordered all the Cannabis grown on all the Isles and Mountains of Jah to be baled and shipped to all the harbors of the New Nation so his traders could force the manners from the Tree of Life on the colonists as tea, but they preferred coffee to drink, so when they refused to pay for what grew freely outback the King’s men made times tough on the Revolutionist and openly and secretly they battled.

When the Revolutionist sought to find the remedy to the tax problem they found the only Right thing to do was to sink all the King’s ships in all the harbors of the New Nation…to show the King of his taxes and misrepresentations…and plans were made and laid.

On the darkest of new moons the patriotic slipped aboard the King’s boats and vessels and tossed all the bales of Cannabis into the ports and harbors of the New Nation, burning and sinking the entire King’s armada. And on that day the rebellious insurgents raised against the King and Queen of Babylon in revolution that day, chasing the King out of the New World on an old pirate ship named KB Treachery. And mocking the King…they remembered the day as the Great Tea Party. And all the fishes and clams, shrimps and sea creatures drank of the tea and told the whole Earth and Seas of this story until this very day. And the Seventh King of Babylon was no more in the New World and returned to the Isle of the Beast on the Vessel of Deceit and watched as the sun set slowly on all his shores within the hour.

Now it is known that one of the greatest documents of all times…The United States of America’s Constitution…was written on the Cannabis paper from the farms and fields of the Revolutionist by our famous founding and enabling fathers who were Anointed but didn’t know it…Washington, Jefferson and later…Lincoln…eventually all partook in the Cannabis ritual because they wanted to try the process that made men laugh and smile and sing Songs of Freedom and Equality…but the men from the High Plateaus never told them of the Living I AM Spirit of the ANOINTED from the Lands of I AM.



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