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When a path starts it has no idea who it will carry or where it will end. One thing for sure will happen if it keeps going astray; Babylon will catch it down along the way. The Three Frogs of Babylon, their paths have found their ways, they push mankind to walk and talk what Babylon wants him to say. Politics a promising, commerce full speed ahead, religion talking but not walking and they can’t figure out why they are dead, no they can’t figure out why they are dead.

I took a long walk one day, many miles I did go. I crossed the street of political path, these things I did behold. Out across the waters came an Ire cry, it was the peoples of the land wanting to know why…they wore chains and shackles…not of metal nor a body could they hold. These are the invisible barriers and only politicians know the code…you see the politician owns this road.

Commercial man goes hunting, he has always been around. Since the days of his creation he has traded what he has found. He takes the road to Babylon that is where commerce meets. Many poor and helpless he cheats as he sneaks down Second Street.

The third road to Babylon goes away from truth and life. Religion is reliving the past of sin and hate and unforgiving strife. O’Preacher says there are many ways and names, but I know they are the same. They were twisted by mankind’s possessive obsession so the Creator’s name they can claim.

The Three Frogs of Babylon, they will croak when you are around. They do Babylon’s catch and call as they make another round. But the I AM gives us truth and life and keeps us off the street and gives the love and hope we share with all the good peoples we meet.



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