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It had been a long hard journey from the back alleys of border towns, through the canals of ancient love, the dusty roads of the Golden Triangle and desolation of the Streets of Never in King Babylon. And now…after a quarter century of action-packed years of excitement, espionage, smuggling and stashing…the Diamond I of the Wizard of Wise was finally in the safe confines of Pali’s mind.

Examining the crate that held the Chest of Treasures, Pali’s mind hypnotically drifted back to when he first noticed the Diamond I; first on the borders and back streets of foreign lands, then in the temples and high arches of the mighty nations of warriors and finally in the realm of the Lamb. Then he was able to capture, captivate and control the Diamond I of the Wizard of Wise and expose the secrets of the Tree of Life and the mystical myths that surround the stories and life of the I AM ANOINTED.

As Pali carefully dismantled the crate he began to feel a presence of another Spiritual state close to his consciousness. Piece by piece, nail by nail the hemp box was finally manifesting itself. The Diamond I from inside the box was making the Chest of Treasures glow as the aura when the moon takes the sun. Legend has it that the holder of the Diamond I from the Lost Tribe of I AM could look inside and see all that is real upon the Earth, Seas and Sky…from before Creation to the present and into the future.

When the last piece of packing had been removed and the Chest of Treasures stood alone, a Spirit from inside the Chest called to him and said: Pali, Pali…your reward is upon you. It was you who first spotted me in the roughs and rogues of the dreads of the world. I know that was when you first were overcome by the Diamond I of the Wizard of Wise. And I sent my Good Shepherd Rassie for you to follow as you sought out the mysteries from the ghettos. And when King Babylon captured your Spirit and cast you upon the shores of the Golden Triangle, again it was you who was seeking the Righteousness of the Land, finding me in the high places of the poor that had been forever. We dwelt hand to hand and eye to eye as we were one. And when the Beast of King Babylon sent you back from where you came, I could see you looking at me from across the Seas, the flatland and the highlands of your past so I sent the Spirit of Sawan…who is known to lead Lost Sheep back to the Flock and to show you the ways to me. And when you followed Sawan’s Spirit to Rainbow Island and found the Burning Bush upon the Mountain of Fire all the Spirits of the Past Prophets and the I AM ANOINTED were made known. It was you and the Pi I Piper who piped the Snake Song into the tongues and feet of my chosen to show them how to talk and walk in the ways of the I AM. So it is only Right that you should be the Keeper of the Diamond I of the Wizard of Wise. I will dwell on you and yours and show you the ways of the Tree of Life forever and ever. Now come and take the Chest of Treasures and open it up to all generations of all times. Look inside the glow and find the Pi of I’s…that is where I have hidden the Key.

And when Pali cut the Pi and found the Key…which was the seeds from the Tree of Life…the Burning Bush…the Chest of Treasures was opened. And when he looked inside the Chest and witnessed the glow, it was coming from the hearts and souls and minds of the Right and Just, Holy and Pure that Arched all the I AM generations...a Covenant. Then there was singing and dancing…giving praise to the I AM ANOINTED and what shall be.

Gracefully, Pali placed the Chest of Treasures and the Diamond I of the Wizard of Wise upon Fire Mountain for all to hear and see and the Songs and Dances of Righteousness went out in all directions of the four whirling winds. And then all the Children from the Lost Tribe of I AM, the Vessels of Old and the High Plateaus could be seen Singing and Dancing at the feet of the Lamb…still to this day…Love



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